Cutting black plastic without stress marks

So I have been thinking of getting some kits like the MG Blitz Gundam and the full mechanics Raider Gundam. However these kits are mostly black plastic which tends to mark easily and can be pretty tricky to cut and make look right.

So what I’m wondering is what might be the best way to go about cutting out black plastic pieces? Currently I use some basic nippers I got off amazon. Is that enough or should I try to get some special type of nippers and what would be a good hobby knife for cutting the nubs off really close?

It’s going to be awhile before I get these kits, but I want to be ready as well as improve my kit building overall.

Maybe you can practice on left over runner(s).

From watching some Youtube videos, the more experienced people or ones that do plenty of models, use more durable and most likely less expensive nippers, then cut the tree few centimeters away from the part. After that, use better, sharper, and flatter nipper to nip away the tree part little by little until its pretty flush on the part. If there is still little nubble left, you can use a flat, or maybe it was called chisel, hobby knife to whittle away the remaining nubble. Unless you are pretty good with the normal triangular-like hobby blade to do the whittling.

You can also use sandpaper of different grades to do away the nubble little by little, but unless you do plan on doing some painting on the part(s), otherwise, you might need to do a bit of sanding with finer grades of sandpaper in order to make the scratches from coarser grades disappear.

There is also power tool that you can use to do the sanding quicker, though it definitely need some practice and likely will still need to use finer grades of sandpaper to finish the job.

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