Custom gundams with paint

hi this topic is about anyones custom model kits or yours or painted kits for that matter feel free to post any images of your kits this topic is also for partsbashing kits like for example my partsbashed custom painted double zz lupus rex gundam ps:looks ok not bad kit

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My favourite kit bash in my Hyper Mega Cannon Mobile Armor, NZN-02 TEER.




Few more for you… !
Blue testament Gundam


Wing with a colour change.

Very Old kit bashed with a HG GM to make a RGC-80

Colour change on a ground type

Jegan custom

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Dude I like the Blue Testament Gundam. Great job on all!

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Here’s my custom painted Zaku II


Still a wip, but enjoying where it’s at so far. Comment if you notice the additions over oob.


Kit I did quite awhile back


It’s nice to see all these beautiful kit bashes and painting let me see if I can post some of mine

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mark one of the 2 kits of mine

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mark two;)

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a little sketch I do for my barbatos

and finally mark 3 of the lupus Rex based on the final battle in the show

Here’s a lil tour

Hmm not sure if it posted

here are some kits I made and painted like the blu astray and zeta with stickers:(and cute lil baby death scythe hell

I’ll be working on a double z gundam but finally heres a sneak peak sorry for all the text here u go guys :slight_smile:

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If u guys wanna see the blue astray just say it here and I’ll give u a photo up close

A customized SD sinanju


Current wip