Custom Gundam Drawing Contest

Hey everyone I’m inviting everyone to inter my contest. It is easy and hassle free.


If I had an ounce, of artistic skill. I’d jump on this. However, it’s a good day when I can draw a stick man properly.

A chance at a free kit for my drawing skills and creativity? Deal Howie! Sign me up! haha

Yep well all you have to in submit a drawing. Remember the contest is judged by the design idea not skill of drawing.

Wow! This is awesome! Does the drawing have to be based on a previous design? Can you just design the suit, or certain parts from scratch? Also, if you draw a transforming suit, can you draw another picture of the suit in MA mode? And are erasers allowed? :slight_smile: Sorry for the torrent of questions.

The design can be drawn form scratch as long as it has the Gudam style to it.

I have an old one i drew and colored in with pencils,more like a zeon styled mech but could it work?