Custom Fenice

Hey everyone!

I’m going to be starting a custom build soon, and not just a repaint job, of the Wing Gundam Fenice. Basically, I’m going to be doing this:

but change the colour scheme to a red-black-gray-white combo. Because the pauldrons snap over the shoulder piece, I’m not too sure how to approach it. Either I paint the pieces before hand and then put them together, or I glue them together, sand them down to remove the seams, and then paint them.

The former option means I’ll be left with a seam line at the top of the pauldrons, which I am not too sure how to cover up afterwards.

The latter option means I have to cover up what pieces aren’t suppose to be different, in the hopes I get every nook and cranny since any green showing will be pretty obvious against the red.

Any suggestions? Thanks again :slight_smile: