Custom 1/144 Cherudim

Based on the GNHW/R version, I decided to go without the original shield bits and just use the rifle bits (It’s a little hard to see the back bits at this angle)

The paint job is pretty simple. Just some Tamiya black over the green parts. Gunmetal for the rotating shoulder parts/chin/crotch piece/feet bottoms. And finally: used my titanium gundam marker on the side antenna/chest vents and all the parts that go under the GN condensers with clear blue.

The finished product has some flaws here and there as I’m not that great at hand-painting, but I really like it so I wanted to share!

Got some better pics of this? Kinda hard to see your work in that single pic, but I’m always interested in seeing people customize not-so-popular kits from 00. I just finished my own customized version of the successor suit to the Cherudim yesterday, haha.

I spent my entire day making this, so I took that original image, posted, and passed out! After taking these, I really like the look, but the execution is pretty poor. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Ah, much better pictures. I think it looks pretty good. The gunmetal goes well with the black and the clear blue parts. I’m guessing the little white specs are dust?

I’m a big fan of black repaints, and your kit looks really good. You pulled off the head very well. That’s my favorite part of the kit.

@thwalker13: Yeah it’s pretty dusty in my house. The kits I like the most/put effort into usually go into cases right away. I left it out to dry better (Probably should have waited longer to actually assemble him!)

@Bossguy: The head is my favorite part too. The paint went on very smooth compared to the rest of the kit. The funny thing is, I wasn’t originally going to use black. A friend suggested purple but I wouldn’t have had enough for the whole kit.