Curiosity about detailed diorama

I am seeking help on how foliage and flowers are made in this diorama.Is it premade plastic (if so where to buy?), or he made them by himself (if so, how can u make so nice details?). I want to spec that this is a PG 1/60, while i am interested in reproduce such high details in a 1/100 MG.!
Thanks for the help in advance


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I don’t know specifically. But I have seen articles before (Of courseI can’t find them now) where they were made from tissue paper and the details hand painted. Super tedious for sure. I expect it could recreate wonderful results that way.

Thank you for the answer. It can be a nice idea for the flower, even if very long work, but I have doubts about branches with leaves, cause they seems all the same. Probably made with some sort of die? If u look closely to the first picture (sorry for the bad quality) they are all identical except for the color…

This thing is sick.

It looks like the moss is done with a combination of the bushes and ground cover. Break up the bushes into much smaller chunks and then its a matter of applying it all to the model by dropping it from above. You’d have to place the glue on the surface carefully, then sprinkle the particles on.

The flowers look like they all have the same diameter, with the center being darker (its the glue holding it in place). I think they got a hole punch, maybe one that isn’t perfectly circular, like a star. If you get each flower and press them over something like a rounded stick, you can for the petal shape.
Sort of like a coffee filter shape. Then glue them all.

The branches are store bought. The vines; I don’t know, maybe they are strings with stuff glued on them, maybe he got a peice of the plamo’s runner and heated it to be curvier.

I’m also wondering if the base has flowers in it, or if its just colored resin. Or resin over the flowers. This must has taken forever to do. I think the artist should have put it in a lighter background with more lighting though. It’s trying to photograph flowers in the dark.

I think he used clear epoxy resin over flower for the ground. Here is a different look to the diorama with more light. Still a bit perplexed on flowers though , i will try to make something similar, with low success probably

I didnt have construction paper, or a hold punch, so I did a quick attempt with paper cut from an envelope and a plastic rod made from a runner. The sides are too long, but its just a matter of getting it right.

Also this conversation gave inspired in me the idea to do something similar with coffee filters. I painted one and cut out a peice and put a hole in it, to form something like a scrunchy. It’s to look like a dust cover over joints.

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Tea bag

Okay, this bit right here I absolutely love.