Crossbone Gundam Anime in 2014

A friend gave this to me in the morning, a friend not from this forum, btw, anyway it’s a list of anime for May to July 2014, and apparently Crossbone Gundam’s getting an anime series, finally.

Don’t know how this is gonna sit with a lot of you :smiley:

If true (Gonna wait untill I hear it straight from Bandai’s mouth) 2014 is going to be a busy year for Gundam, Build Fighters should still be going at that time, then you have Origin which is apparently starting and then Tomino’s G-Reko which is apparently Gundam related (apparently it takes place arround UC 1000) seems like it’s gonna be a busy time for Gundam fans.

If true, it’s about time as well. Wonder how it will be done, full series, or a few OVA, per each crossbone manga. A full series could work a bit like age, work up from the first Crossbone, and then upto Ghost.

Maybe then I’ll actually be able to learn a bit about Crossbone. And don’t forget about UC Episode 7.

Looks like some interesting shows, I hope its true about a 3rd season for Full Metal Panic also

This is wonderful news. Now we can see the Crossbone in action.

Cool! I like the Manga, it’s pretty unique I think. Doesn’t the Captain have a parrot called Haro? I always thought that was funny.

Whoa Full Metal Panic!, Origin, UC Ep 7… etc in 2014, you guys are blowing my mind.

I agree with ZRCX, 2014 is indeed gonna be a busy year for Gundam…And its gonna be a fantastic ride for us all!

Oh and Full Burst comes out on the PS3 next year as well, so it’s gonna be busy for Gundam fans it seems.

According to a lot of guys, this is a fake image. For now, let’s not get our hopes up, though when I did post this, I was aware it was real.

We won’t know until more info’s released. Sorry guys.

No! Why? Whhhyyyyy???!!

Figured as much seen this as an April Fool’s Prank.

Because lack of sources, despite there being sources listed on the sheet, there aren’t any when you search for it yourself.

I really hate that person right about now, lol