Creating your own Decal template

Hello everyone,

as the title says, I’m currently attempting to design my own Gunpla-decal template.

I’m using Photoshop C5 and I’d like you to inform me about what to pay attention to, what to do carefully etc. (if you don’t mind)

And yeah, before I forget to mention, I’m currently looking for :

-A big picture of the EFSF coat-of-arms (found)
-An image displaying the Albion logo. (missing/not yet discovered)

If anyone cares to help me out, I’ll be very much grateful and likely return a favor.

That having been said, I don’t expect it to be too difficult to generate a decent template.
I’m going to print the template on a waterslide decal sheet offered on amazon.

If anyone is interested in cooperating, reply to this thread.

[SIZE=1]If anyone requests a template, I’ll make a draft and exhibit them here. Of course, the services of me fullfilling a demand will be free.

However, for the time being I won’t make any for you to use, not wishing to give you a messy template. [/SIZE]

Download the pdf. It really is an amazing decal tutorial.

thanks for the link!

That’s the PNG/GIF progress so far.

That’s my decal :