Creating a Haro Aircompressor housing

So I got this idea a while back to create a housing unit for my mini airbrush compressor. It’s one of those compressors you usually see on the makeup things and what not. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted the housing unit to look like I wanted to look like a Gundam item but at the same time I wanted it to stand out to sort of be a conversation piece on occasion. Then I found out there was a 1:1 scale Haro Ball multibox. However after seeing the price I never thought I’d be able to get one and with them selling out quickly at the Gundam expo this year I wasn’t able to snag one at that time. However coming into some slightly good fortune I was able to purchase one online.

Not expecting it until next month I was pleasantly surprised when it came in early and I was able to start on a quicker than I far I’ve been able to get the external part for the most part completed. I still have to add a top coat to it as I wanted to have a matted finish and have the eyes highly shined but it’s looking good at the moment.

This is my youngest son with it He’s an absolute fan of Haro Balls. I plan on letting him see SD Gundam Force in a couple of years. I feel like the commander is going to blow his mind.

This is the progress I’ve made today The externals are done with the decals applied next I will tape over the decals just to make sure they don’t get any paint on them and start top coating. However that will have to wait for another day.


I decided to put in a little bit more work tonight, even though I can’t paint I was able to at least put on the covers for the decals and create the hole in the bottom that I will use to hold it to the base plate. Next up will be top coating and creating a shelving for the inside to hold the air compressor, it’s power supply and the tubing.


If he loves the haros, I can guarantee that he’s going to love Chief Haro. Especially if he is anything like I was when I was his age, as SDGF aired at that time.
Honestly, that model is probably big enough to act as his mask for a cosplay, it looks really good!

Lol, he already tried using the top half as a hat. and thanks so has a long way to go and I have a bit more planning to do in terms of how to run the power source but I’m absolutely loving it so far.

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So I applied my first level of topcoat, I plan on applying another layer once I am done with the project.

I also went back in and reinforced the base connection by swapping out the screw with a bolt washers and nut.

Unfortunately you can see in this picture there was a slight bit of problems that I came across. In this case it was the fact that the top coat didn’t go on properly the first time and in the process of standing I accidentally removed the color from the eye. I will be fixing this later with paint.

This is the rough cut for my compressor holder inside of the ball. it’s nothing all that special and will need to be cleaned up a bit more before it’s ready for use but it should hold the compressor and keep it from sliding around too much.

Obviously I still have a few more modifications to make but the project is coming along quite well.


Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I posted anything but I’ve been a bit busy with a few other projects and just haven’t had a chance to work on this guy until today. That being said a few top coats and some repainted items later and he is complete.

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