Creat your own Gundam couple.

Name two or you can name more who would make good couple from the Gundam franchise.

Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy) and Marina Cruz
Paptimus Soricco and Lacus Clyne
Kira Yamato and Karen Joshua

Trieze and Haman

Lady Une and Setsuna

Setsuna and Gundam

Bright Noa and Sumeragi Noreaga
Full Frontal and Gladys Talida

Bright and Norega if they had a kid he or she probly would be the best forecaster/coordinator and commander of all time. And could you imagine the slaping power of him or her lol

Cima Garahau and Ali Al-Saachez

Lacus and Relena Peace Craft

Bright or Sumeragi are neither coordinator’s so you must mean newtype since that is what Bright is but not Sumeragi. Yeah their child would be a beast. Imagine them working toghther especially with a Ship like the Ptolmaisis Kai.

Kio and Kira :slight_smile:

I think he means coordinator as in someone who coordinates, not the Coordinators from the Cosmic Era…

Oh okay just never hear of Bright or Sumeragi being reffered to as a coordinator. So I became confused.

Yea srry about that i didnt mean to refer Bright as a coordinator but some who coordinates

[Sorry for reflecting my imagination with harsh language]

Is there also anybody else capable of imagining Bright slapping Sumeragi’s ass during sex ? xD

I’m in an angry mood. Let’s (ab)use it :

Elpeo puru x Ramba Ral
Elpeo Puru x M’Quve
Elpeo Puru x Gihren Zabi
Elpeo Puru x Mister Wong
Elpeo Puru x Judau
Elpeo Puru x Jerid
Elpeo Puru x Elpeo Puru
Elpeo Puru x Wufei (lol)
Elpeo Puru x Heero (lolol)
Elpeo Puru x Master Asia
Elpeo Puru x Domon
Elpeo Puru x That pirate guy from G Gundam
Elpeo Puru x Gym Ghingham
Elpeo Puru x Ali Al Saachez

Enough Loli for today.

Char Aznable and Princess Marina Ismail

Four Murasame and Shinn Asuka.

Or alternatively, Stella Loussier and Kamille Bidan.

I would love to see that Bright would say ''Whos your commanding officer ? ‘’

Marina Ismail and Relena Peacecraft