Cracked Polycap (Socket Type) Temporary Fix

Hello everyone. I’d like to share my temporary fix to my War Greymon Amplified broken polycap.

When I migrated here in the US, I’ve brought all my collections with me, and with the cargo travel, my war gerymon’s polycap on both hips (ball and socket joint) cracked and became loose.

I can’t find any solution in fixing cracked polycap from the net aside from replacing them.
Super Glue, Epoxy and Cement don’t bind with the kind of material used on polycaps.
I even tried melting the polycap runner to serve as a binder but still doesn’t work.

I can’t find a similar part and store that sells that kind of part so I improvised.
The solution I got was pretty straight forward and wont cost you even 20 cents. You can find the materials in your kitchen! :slight_smile:
(The solution is not perfect and may not apply to every polycap out there)

Cracked Polycap (Socket Type) Temporary Fix


• Super Glue
• Plastic Cling Wrap
(I haven’t tried it but I think the electric wire shrink wrap or bottle shrink seal would also work.

(Heat gun or hot air blower may work but its a bit hard to control the temperature)

  1. Cut a strip of the shrink wrap. I used the whole width of the wrap (12 inches)

  2. Apply a small amount of super glue on the crack.
    (This will not bind the rubber but when it hardens, it will help a bit)

  3. Press on the polycap to close the crack. Then wrap the shrink wrap strip around the polycap.
    (You may put some super glue on the wrap also if you want)

  4. Its okay if your first wrap is not tight. Just keep wrapping the polycap while making it tighter. Use the whole length of the shrink wrap if nessessary.

(Your polycap will look like a candy)

  1. IMPORTANT: Do not tighten the wrap too much. It will deform the socket.

  2. Once you are satisfied with your wrap, check if the gap is properly aligned and closed.

  3. Shrink wrap sticks on itself but if you want to apply glue on the end, do so.

  4. Cut the excess wrap. Especially on the sockets (obviously)

(Your polycap is thicker now)

  1. Press on the corner areas of the polycap like the pegs where it needs to be attached to make your polycap easier to insert in its place and prevent damaging of the part where it goes in to.

  2. Use your lighter to make your wrap shrink further. Make a few swift passes with the flame near the shrink wrap.

  3. IMPORTANT: Be careful not to overdo it or you might burn the wrap. (you’ll start over again if so)

  4. Your wrap should be snugged and won’t slide off by now.

  5. You may now fit your poly cap back to its place.
    (It will be tight so make sure you dont use too much wrap)

  6. Because your polycap is thicker now, expect gaps where it sits.

And you’re done!

My wargeymon now has a good tight joint and no longer do splits.

The main idea is to “Bandage” those that wont stick. hehe

Note: this fix may not work on other types of polycap.

If you have some more ideas or yet better ones, please share it too!
I hope I’am able to shed some ideas.

Thank you!


Wow, man. That’s a very detailed explanation of an uncommon break. Very useful information.

One of the things I would image could work is also silicone caulk, a toothpick, mini C-clamps to apply pressure, and a hobby knife to trim excess. However what you have seems like a stronger permanent fix for the polycap as it fits in the piece shown.


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Oh wow! Im definitely going to do that! Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

I think that’s a genius fix to a very difficult problem!

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