Cowboy Bebop

A while back, I had heard that there was a live-action Cowboy Bebop in the works. Turns out, that it was true. Feast your eyes on these:

I’m going to be straight here, as a fan of the original, this looks pretty dang good. The group dynamic the main cast all have gels so well, and the main cast choice is so fitting. The more I hear John Cho’s portrayal, the more I hear a little bit of Steve Blum’s snarky and deadpan delivery. Daniella Pineda is also an excellent choice to play the sexy firecracker that is Faye Valentine. And the music, oh man the music. They got Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts to make ALL of the music.

I’m going to reserve my opinions for when the whole thing is available to watch. I can never trust trailers and segments, I feel there is too much missing to make a solid opinion. That being said, I fear they’re trying to cram a lot of stuff in a limited amount of time. Ein is introduced, Faye is introduced, Vicious is there, Mad Pierrot is there, and who knows what else, all of which could have easily filled time for another movie. I also think the casting could have been a little bit better, but I understand it’s very difficult to cast for an anime character.

Minus Ein, of course. I’m very glad they got him right.

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It should be noted that each episode is going to have about an hour long run-time. Also, Radical Edward will show up… just a little bit later in episode ten.

I misunderstood then, I thought the whole thing was just one movie and not an episodic series. That resolves the issue I was mentioning before with possibly having too much stuff crammed in. I’ll definitely give the series a try. It won’t replace the anime or tarnish its reputation for me, similar to how I can appreciate book-to-movie/series translations even if they’re not as accurate as the books they’re based on (Altered Carbon comes to mind).

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Yeah I guess I should have made it clearer in the beginning that this live-action adaptation going to be an episodic series, not a movie.

I’m of the opinion that making animated shows live action typically doesn’t work and is a really cheap gimmick. Cowboy bepop should have stayed it’s animated self. I do not plan to watch this live action adaption. Especially after the negative pr and fays actor sticking her own foot in her mouth.

I hope its as good Kenshin/Samurai X live action.

As much as I hope it would be, I’m betting it won’t be. The live-action Kenshin is one of the gold standards of live-action adaptations run by folks that seemed to really care about the source material. I’m not gonna have high expectations myself, but only so I don’t trash something that could never compare.

Well, if it’s any consolation, they got Shinichiro Watanabe to be a consultant for the series. I’d think that suggests a level of care for the source material and commitment to making a damn good adaptation. On top of that, they got Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts (you know, the original composers and musicians of the anime) to perform the music for this adaptation.

Very true, things could have definitely turned out worse. I have my biases already since I’m a purist when it comes to anime (similar to how abhor Robotech because it’s a bastardization of Macross), but I’ll give anything a chance if it gets the “feel” of the source it’s adapting. For the record, I don’t think this adaptation is trying to desecrate the original. You don’t shit on the original by bringing in its director as consultant, making an effort in doing the music right which was a big part of the anime, and casting Ein as a real Corgi.

Gonna bring up the Altered Carbon adaptation again because it’s the most recent. People shit on that often too because it deviates a lot from the books, but the author was consultant on it and agreed to all of the changes. The producers made something that got the “feel” of the books and that was plenty for me when I watched it.

I can certainly understand your reservations, after all, there have been numerous attempts (by both American and Japanese studios) to fully adapt an anime property into live-action and most of them have been busts ranging from mediocre to absolute trash. Additionally this project is tackling Cowboy Bebop, one of the greats of anime, so of course people are going to hold this adaptation with high standards.

First a live action Kenshin, then Gundam, now Bebop. I still think live action can never compare to anime, anime has a way of conveying human emotion, the metaphysical, and questions about the universe and our potential in a successful way that in live action comes off either preachy like Prometheus or downright silly.

Is it a Christmas miracle lol? :rofl:

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop cancelled after one season.

Really? That’s a shame. I didn’t think it was that bad. Sure, some of the directorial choices were weird but I really did not think the series was as bad as die-hard fanatics made it out to be. That being said, I get the impression that these same die-hard fanatics who worship the original anime would have criticized the creators if they went for a shot-for-shot adaptation. It’s like a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” scenario.

I’ve been watching it the past couple of weeks and I actually enjoyed it. First episode was definitely rough and I don’t like how some characters got changed (although I do appreciate giving them more screen time overall), but I kept wanting to watch the next episode. That alone is good enough for me. Unfortunate that it’s been cancelled, I hoped that at least a second season would be completed. I guess the anime’s shadow was just too great.

My two biggest pluses for this adaptation were giving Jet a family, and exploring more of Spike’s and Vicious’s days in the Syndicate… and how it all went wrong. Still, I’d give this series a rating of three out of five.

I’d say that’s the same score I would give it as well. It wasn’t a complete trainwreck for me, I found it very entertaining, but there are parts that needed definite improvement.

Anyone else here about this.