Cosmic Era Vs Universal Century Feud?

It seems to me that a lot of U.C. fans hate SEED and a lot of SEED fans dislike the U.C. timeline. What the hell is up with that? I like both.

Hmm, never really noticed it. I’m a fan of both as well so I can’t really say much about either side of the disliking.

The UC Fans must hate it that CE uses what it has for a foundation, and CE fans probably hate the UC because they’ve seen SEED first.

But I love both though. Maybe I like one more than the other…

Im more of a UC fan and I don’t hate SEED, I don’t HATE destiny either…but its definitely one of the lesser gundam series imo, not quite on the G-savior level but one notch above. Though my reasons for dislike of destiny have more to do with story/main characters/too much flashbacking/reusing footage from SEED problems, I don’t hate the CE as a whole.

SEED was meant to be a retelling of the UC timeline for a new generation. So I think that diehard UC fans hate the CE timeline because they see it as a slap to UCs face. I’m a fan of both. Though if I had to choose one or the other. I’d stick with Universal Century due to it’s rich storyline. I’m a sucker for a good story. SEED has a lot of aspects that I like, and I love SEED and Destiny. Despite their apparent flaws. I try not to compare series to series because each is supposed to stand alone and not have anything to do with others. Unless of coarse they take place in the same time line.

Walker’s statement is so true. Every one of them is supposed to be stand alone so people can enjoy it without having to watch 30 years of something to understand something. This also ensures it doesn’t become redundant over a while.

The UC is of course meant to be continuous, but they expand it slowly.

Which is why I like UC era a lot too. You don’t have to have knowledge on all the stories but it helps to have it because it makes sense.

I might have some issues on some things on Universal Century, but it is not because I like C.E. I consider the issues on each series independent on its own. I think that hating C.E. or another A.U. because somebody likes U.C. very much or vice versa is stupid and immature.

I havent seen the “hate” as you said. Sure there are people who dont like UC or CE but this is mostly down to personal preference. I like them both generally but would have cut some of the characters out or changed their personality.

Im a fan of both but im more of a fan of the uc series mainly because the uc has alot more gundam series

CE was meant to be a new version of the UC story. There are certainly things in the original three Gundam series that could have used some real tuning and refinement. Certainly if one knows where the story of Zeon and the Earth Federation is heading from the One Year War until Char’s Counterattack, with all the best side stories included, then one can certainly imagine that there could have been a better version of Mobile Suit Gundam that really laid out and established certain universe elements and features, laid the ground work for the future story lines and characters.

Of course, that was impossible. Mobile Suit Gundam was created as a one-off story and only earned sequels subsequently and the ideas that came up in those sequels were thought up once the sequels were done. So it cannot be too surprising that story elements seem to pop out of no where and there are half a dozen serious retcons and seriously loose story threads-- unlike, for instance, One Piece which stands as a rather incredibly shocking work for its ability to, after 14 seasons, to still be able to introduce characters and continue on with consistent story lines that were hinted at or established 14 years ago.

But CE didn’t really do that particularly well. In fact, they took out some of the best UC ideas and story lines-- and though everyone in CE is a counterpart to someone in UC, they also tend to have some of their most interesting characteristics removed in the conversion. The Gundam Seed destiny rushed concepts that UC more or less took their time with and it included some really bad elements of its own (such as making their amalgam of Ryu Jose and Sleggar Law turn out to be the most important person in the world in the last two episodes). It also had that really painfully annoying habit of so many of the newer series where the Gundam isn’t exactly a special thing-- there are a rather insane number of Gundams as well as a legion of mobile suits that aren’t “technically” a Gundam, but are pretty much identical (this is even worse in the Astray stories). Moreover, the second Gundam Seed series didn’t seem to have much direction and turned into a total mess.

So basically… you have two versions of the same story told 25-years apart and both versions have some rather terrible flaws mixed in with everything that is good about them. I think it is natural for people to prefer one or the other, but not both.

I generally like the SEED, its the SEED Destiny that makes me go “what the frak happened here”. Starting from Shin to “I dont care about anything” Yamato it felt like the characters were written by someone without any interest in the series. And the whole damn mess of 30 or so Gundam-types was only made so that they could sell the gunpla later. And the drug enhanced soldiers were just a stupid addition even in SEED, no matter how many drugs you give to someone experience and already proven battle prowess would win. There is no way the new characters should have been able to beat Kira or Athrun. And what happened to Cagalli? How did she turn into such a wuss? It was basically a big letdown. If Zeta was an improvement over original Gundam with better animation and more involved character plot lines Destiny was worse than SEED.

Out of all the gundam animation to date I like the best 08th MS team, War in the Pocket, MS igLoo and 00. Then comes the SEED, Gundam 0079, Zeta, 0083. I am not sure yet about CC as I have to watch it again.

As far as the first aspect I’ve emphasised is concerned, it’s necessary for me to notify you about the fact that the creator’s wife thought that the creator was having an affair with Cagalli’s VA.

As for the latter, CC features salient animation and sound. I enjoyed the animation a lot. Same applied to the sound and the plot of course. It’s quality is on “OVA tier”, IMO.
What I favour most is 0083’S animation, just because I like the style. Second is CC followed by 08th MS team Blu-Ray remake.
I’m looking forward to The Origin being produced. That’s expected to be a blast in terms of quality.

Yeah I am looking forward to the Origin. I do hope that it is an updated version, taking into the account the years of development of story in anime and not just an updated rehash of original. Basically I hope it is a proper new anime that is based on original but is keeping pace with the times.