Corvette ZR1

Just finished this today. Overall, very happy with it! I was going to clear coat it, however I wasn’t feeling well so I decided not to just to be safe.

My only gripe is that the paint job isn’t as smooth as some of your other works. Apart from that, it looks really nice and it’s making me want to shell out some money for my first car kit.

I think it might be because I didn’t use any clear coat on it like I do on my others. Do you think that may be why it doesn’t look as good. Thank you for the feedback.

I am working on a new kit right now and I didn’t prime it and it looks like crap - you can really tell a difference when you prime vs. not. The paint on my current kit looks like mud.

The car suffers from some heavy orange peel. You could fix it by sanding with high grit paper, and then using polishing compounds to smooth it out.