Cool Tv Shows

Im not sure if there is already a post like this but anyway…What tv shows do yall like to watch I can pretty much watch anything. I like the office, the walking dead, teen mom (dont judge) ,akward, the inbetweeners, top gear, my life as liz and my favorite friday night lights

MTV was “indirectly” blocked in Germany a few years ago. To speak honestly, it became PayTV and since then, I’ve hardly viewed anything resembling with My life as liz, teen Mom, pimp my ride etc.

I do detest German televison for a few adovcated reasons :

  • It’s always the same broadcast all the time : Either Sex or content displaying other, unjustifyable ideals.
  • There is no Anime!
  • 00 Gundam is currently airing these days, yet the condition of possessing access to PayTv is decently circumventing.

I am even unable to remember consuming German Television attendingly. When watching TV, then I do so unconciusly.

My wife and I watch The Walking Dead, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf. She’s been watching Jericho on Netflix, and she and I both have been watching Heroes. Seems like we’re in a Sci-Fi kick here. We also watch Breaking Bad, House, and a few other shows.

I loved watching Smallville. I marathoned that show to an unhealthy extent. Supernatural is good and How I Met Your Mother. I’ve seen a little bit of Jerricho and it was pretty cool. SUITS!!! I love that show. That show is boss. There’s always Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as well.

Ahh! I can’t believe I forgot about Smallville and Supernatural. We have the entire series of Smallville, both individual seasons and the giant box set. Also have the seasons of Supernatural as well.

waiting for the 3rd season of walking dead, thankfully i have followed the series since issue #1 in 2003, and have that to keep my withdraws at bay… anyone not read the entire series cannont be considered a fan… i head the novels are good as well, just haven’t read any yet…

as far as the rest of TV, i watch a lot of baseball, soccer and basketball…no american football however… shows that get watched in our house are primarily CN shows regular show, adventure time, gumball and any of my sub-10year old friendly anime *all of Miyazaki’s works(studio Ghibli), gundam series… when the kids are in bed, the wife and i enjoy a few shows… the office, key and peele, tosh.0, workaholics, it’s always sunny in philidelphia and a few others, we only watch TV one or 2 nights a week, we just fit it all on theDVR and watch them all with no commercials and spend the commercial time doing things like laundry and general housework… ahh the life… lol…

Why did Germany ban mtv

They didn’t ban it while they were assigning it to the channels requiring to be paid for in order to get unlocked.

Btw: Has anybody been acquainted with channels broadcasting American sports in Europe? I’m sick of watching Soccer all the time. It has become remarkably odd, constantly increasing in amounts of funds compensated for services.

lol…i have the fox soccer channel to watch more soccer, and you want more american sports…grass is always greener yea? :thumbs:

  1. It’s too late to commence doing American sports. (I’m too lazy to :P)
  2. Convincing others to participate in matches or just executing them is even more difficult.
  3. There’s hardly any club attending to these sports in my area.
  4. Not having been clarified to it, everybody encounters problems doing so.

To finish with, I’d like to claim me to pertain to those eating without gaining/growing/increasing in weight. (what achievement, huh ?)

Check out Hell on Wheels on Netflix! Second season just started on A&E. Such a great show.

Newsweek was great, hope it gets picked up for a second season.

Sons of Anarchy starts up again in a few days, Wooo!!!

Louie, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Family Guy, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are about all I watch… I will occasionally obsess over a series on Netflix or Hulu until I’ve exhausted it, but that’s about it.

HELL ON WHEELS was a good one for sure… and don’t forget american horror story… looking forward to new ones of those as well

^Yes! I’m greatly looking forward to AHS’s new season. I love that they’re not trying to milk characters in this show. Whole new location for the new season really makes the title accurate!

Im also a big Ice Road Truckers, Wilford, 48 hours,Boondocks, and Black Dynamite fan

Yeah, Ice road truckers. I haven’t watched that for a while. However, viewing that show, I actually began/started getting fond of it.

speaking of cold weather, how is the weather in Germany

it has been altering constantly all the time.
I’ve not seen any sun so far, although it was sunny yesterday.

How about Bones anyone?

Burn Notice, Suits, the Walking Dead, NCIS, Adventure time, Fam guy, Futurama, Big Bang Theory, and some others are my top favs.