Computers and other Technology Hardware Thread

Well, Windows 11 will be out in a couple to few months. So until then, you can try to run Windows 7 on the new system and see if it would be possible to “upgrade” Windows 7 to 11 later on.

Windows supposedly have built in transfer utility that can allow you to transfer tHings to another system, but never used it before, so you might need to look into it yourself. In Windows 7, such should be under Accessories->System Tools or something. Sorry, not in front of a Windows system at the moment.

If you’re still looking for a way to transfer/clone a hard drive to another, you can also try the free version of Veeam Agent for Windows. You’ll need to sign up for an account with them so use a throw-away email address if you have one handy, but you can download it afterwards. I’ve used it several times to successfully do complete clones to new hard drives. The only caveats are that you need at least an 8GB USB drive to create a “boot drive” for the restore portion along with another bigger USB drive to store the clone in and exact same hardware, which shouldn’t be a problem in your situation.

I’ll keep both of those suggestions in mind when the time comes. Next parts to acquire on my build list are RAM, storage, PSU, cooling unit, OS, case, monitor, and peripherals.

Hit a slight snag in my PC build. Double whammy bad news first: the case I selected and bought did not fit in my desk’s PC cabinet (it was just a little too long), and I found cracks in the tempered glass window panel on the side. Good news: a lot of the mid-tower cases I was looking at will not only fit my motherboard, but also my PSU and GPU. On a side note, due to the restrictive size of some these mid-towers, I may have to return my AIO CPU cooler or compromise in some other area. To quote one Jeremy Clarkson, “Still, could be worse.”

Many mid-tower these days will fit the GPU and the water cooling without issue. Though some of them do not have good designs and might cause fitting problem. But most of them, if they can take 2 of the 120mm fans together, and assuming the one that you got have 240mm radiator and not 360mm one, then you can probably put the radiator in place of those fans. However, it will depends on whether or not they left enough space for the radiator and the fans. And in doing so often sacrifice either the front intake fans or the top out blowing fans. Even some of the mini-towers can fit 240mm radiator, but definitely not recommended.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to three options:

  1. the Cougar MX-331 Mesh-G

  2. the Fractal Design Focus-G

  3. the Rosewill ZIRCON T

All of these cases has an issue in some form or another. The Cougar will fit every other component I have, except the 240mm radiator unit for the CPU. It’s almost the same story with the Fractal Design case, however fitting the CPU cooler might be iffy as the manufacturer recommends that radiator and fans on 240mm units be no thicker than 40mm (the unit I have is 52mm thick). The Rosewill on the other hand will fit everything including the AiO unit I have, however I don’t know how good its airflow will be.

Are you certain? On their website, Cougar listed them as being able to handle the radiator in front.

For Fractal Design, they listed as the front able to handle 240mm and even though they have spaces for 2 120mm fans up top, they did not stated whether or not it was possible to mount the radiator there. You might need to look for some reviews on that.

Rosewill, according to people, is Newegg’s house brand, that is why it can only be found on Newegg or Amazon if they are selling them on Amazon. From the look of it, you probably cannot get too much air from the front as about half or 2/3 of the front bezel looked to be solid and only whatever the left over and on its side have holes. So you probably get less air flow from the from than that of Cougar and Fractal Design, because those have metal mesh.

My plan was to mount the AiO on the top section of the case with the front and rear housing normal air fans. This was so that I would have a continuous straight-through airflow. So while the Cougar may be able to mount a 240mm radiator unit in the front, doing so may prevent adequate cool air from entering the unit. Which would be a bit troubling since I have a Ryzen 7 5800x and an EVGA RTX 3080, and if you’re right about those two parts they will need all the cooling than can get.

Regarding the Focus-G, I read a review last night on it that mentioned that 40mm radiator and fan limitation. Then I looked at the specs of my cooler (a Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP) noticed that the radiator is 27mm thick and the fan 25mm thick. Combined, that’s a total thickness of 52mm.

Actually, finally realized the design problem with both Cougar and Fractal Design cases. They leave too little space on top so if you have mount the 240mm radiator on top for either of them, it will hit the top of the motherboard. For Fractal Design, if radiator or fans was too thick, top of the motherboard will be in the way. And for Cougar, same thing, so that was pretty much why it only says 120mm radiator for the top.

However, if you want to go with the Cougar case, it will definitely depends on if it will fit the space you want, you might want to go with MX410 series instead. Supposedly, it was a little wider, but shorter in height and length for whatever reason. But it stated support for 240mm radiator, though you might need to consider changing to thinner fans. It says “maximum component height on motherboard is 40mm”, but probably meant maximum allowable height between motherboard and case is 40mm. It does only allow 300mm for video card though. Price-wise on Newegg is about the same between MX331 and MX410.

Or you can consider the DarkBlader X5., but that one is significantly wider and longer.

As someone that do have and still use couple of the Cougar cases, got them cheap when Tigerdirect was still somewhat relevant, their cases were fairly light for steel cases, but that was because the panels were fairly thin and internal was a little thin too. Then again, those were the cheap cases, not too picky, as long as they can get the job done.

Cases are still best to choose in person, too bad not too many computer stores anymore…

Hmm… that Cougar MX410 is not bad, though I may have to exchange my CPU cooler for different one (preferably one that is thinner than the Phanteks unit I have) and I may have to sacrifice the 5.25" optical drive bay option (which is why I was looking at either the MX331, the Focus-G, or the Zircon T). If you want to get an idea on the size of the desk PC cabinet I’m dealing with, the case must be no higher than 20", no wider than 8.75", and no deeper than 19".

Addendum: I looked up the DarkBlader X5, and it will just barely fit into my desk’s PC cabinet. I lose out on the optical drive bay, but it will fit my Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP and three fans in the front and one fan in the back. Perhaps that is where I will have to find compromise: ditching the optical drive bay. I’ve got a lot to think about now.

Well, you might be on the unpopular side of the cases. Many of the cases DO NOT think you need the 5.25" drive space and so they do not bother include one. Not the MX410, not the DarkBlader X5, and certain not most of their cases.

However, according to some of the specs you had said, Antec Dark League DP502 Flux might be what you needed. But you still need to mount the radiator in front. Because most of these cases with 5.25" drive space, they will require either no drive installed or the bracket removed in order to fit 240mm or longer radiator.

You might want to consider, something like Corsair Carbide Series 100R or the fairly ugly DIYPC D480.

So I’ve figured out an elegant compromise to my PC case dilemma: since one of the constraints on the size of the case is the door to my desk’s PC cabinet, I’ve decided to just remove the door. This actually increases the amount of space available. Plus, I can live with the case sticking out just a little bit. With that in mind, the range of cases available has increased to five: the DIYPC Vanguard-V6-RGB, the DIYPC D480-BK, the Rosewill Zircon T, the Rosewill Tyrfing, or the Cooler Master NSE-400-KKN2.

Great to hear that your options expanded and not as limited as before. If to choose, Cooler Master or DIYPC Vanguard might be the better ones. If you want to save some money, the other DIYPC and Rosewill cases might be the way to go. Though Rosewill cases do not seemed to have good ventilation for the front. Zircon T seemed to have half or so blocked and Tyrfing seemed to only rely on the little side vents from the front.

I decided to go with the Cooler Master case, as I could mount my AiO unit on the side without interfering with the ODD. I’m actually down to figuring out my last component: the monitor. Right now my finalists are the ViewSonic ELITE XG270Q, the ASUS Tuf Gaming VG27AQL1A, or the LG UltraGear 27GP850-B.

Well, glad to hear that the setup was about to come to a finish.

Personally, do not care about monitor that much, have yet to purchase a new one for years… :laughing: