Computers and other Technology Hardware Thread

I noticed a distinct lack of any type of computer thread - I think we had one the old forums but it was lost in the move to the new forums - and so I decided to recreate that topic. You can post here to show off your custom rig, complain about your old dinosaur, or ask for some advice from those that are bit more tech savvy than others.

I’ll go ahead and start off. So my current computer is refurbished Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop. Unfortunately, this old dinosaur is nearing the end of it’s life. So, I will be building my own custom tower. I already have ordered one part - and probably the most expensive - that being the GPU. The card I got is a GeForce RTX 3080 from EVGA. I looked at some of the other RTX 3080’s made by other manufacturers - like Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS - and I found them to be not to my liking. The ones from MSI have clunky software, and I’m not too fond of ASUS’s software as well, and the ones from Gigabyte were quite large. The one I ordered made by EVGA is quiet, slim (as far as 3080 GPUs go), and has an easy to software.

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That is quite an upgrade. Though depended on the games you play 3080 might have been overkilled, for your wallet anyway.

Hopefully with China cracking down on the mining operations, the GPU prices will lower a little bit, but then again, there were sources that expected the RAM chip prices to go up, so overall, the video card price will probably not see any relief any time soon. Will likely have to wait till TSMC or Samsung possibly ramp up production or have the new fabs, such as the one in Arizona, build up then there will be some relief. Intel will be releasing their video card, couple years too late though, next year and that will likely muddle the water. The silicon constraint probably will continue for a while as the world rely too much on electronics these days.

I’ve also begun putting together a list of other key components I plan to purchase. For the CPU, I will using the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. For the motherboard, I will be using an ASUS B550 (which is an AMD AM4 ATX). For RAM, I will be using two Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 32GB sticks. And finally for storage, I will be using a 1TB Samsung SSD in the PCIe slot and a 4TB Samsung SSD connected via a SATA III cable. I’m still in the process of finalizing my PSU, case, and whether or not I want to mount an optical drive.

The reason for all this computing power is that the programs I plan on using (not just games) are very intensive programs. Such software includes Solidworks, AutoCAD, Prepare3D, and the game DCS; the latter being the benchmark. If it can run DCS, it can run anything.

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Well, you actually picked sort of a right time for CPU upgrade. So far, the inventory of the newer AMD CPU has been fairly constant now and the prices have dropped slightly compared to few months ago. Though you have to keep in mind that AM4 socket is at the end of its life. Supposedly they will be releasing 1 more CPU line with 3D cache after current ones then it will be onward to the new socket and likely support DDR5.

There were people mentioning that 5800X is one of the CPU that runs hotter than 5600X or the 59xxX CPUs, per core if correct. Not sure why but there has been people saying that.

You did, however, picked not so right time for RAM purchase. RAM prices have been on the rise since probably 3 to 4 months ago and according to some people, it will increase more in the next quarter. But since you are in need of the computer right now, there probably no such thing as the wrong time.

For the PSU, seemed like you might need about 650W or more. You might be able to able to get away with 600W for just 3080. But if you are getting the 3080Ti it will draw more power, up to peak usage of 460W, even though at short period of time, according to some reviews. Though those figures were based on original Nvidia cards, other manufacturers’ video card might or might not draw more power depended on their configurations.

Whether you wish to mount an optical drive or not might not be up to you anymore. These days, some cases have dropped the 5.25" slot altogether. So if you want to mount an optical drive means that you will likely have purchase a bigger and more expensive case, or go with external drive option. If you have no real need for optical drive asides from reading the media and not doing any writing, you might want to consider the external option.

According to Steam, DCS seemed to be able to run on video card as old as 1070. But since you are getting new hardwares, definitely go for newer ones. Still, the price of 3080 is fairly high, and that is if you can find one, some places still have them out of stock…

anyone got a seagate backup+hub?
I have a 4tb model, with two usb3 passthroughs, I’m trying to find out if anyone’s used the passthroughs with peripherals like wifi sticks.

So I got bad news and good news regarding the GPU I ordered. Bad news: due to a miscommunication, the order for my GeForce RTX 3080 was voided. Good news though: I will getting a full refund.

Actually, was surprised that you mentioned that you will be getting a RTX 3080, because the higher end video cards were out of stock very quickly. Some blamed the miners, some blamed the scalpers, and some blamed the companies for the lack of inventories…

@XRaiderV17 do have those but never really used the built in hub before. Though you wanted to know if it was possible to use something like WiFi dongle and still get recognized by the computer? Or do you want to know if the dongle will work with the external hard drive and power plugged in but without plugged in the USB to the computer?

and an actual seagate engineer confirmed its NOT possible to use a wifi dongle on the seagate backup+hub’s usb ports.

Got good news again regarding my hunt for a GeForce RTX 3080: I finally snagged one (made by EVGA) from one of the most unlikeliest places I would have considered… Amazon. Honestly, I think the lack of supply is due to all of those factors you mentioned: scaplers, miners, lack of inventory, plus the huge demand due to the CoVID-19 pandemic where everybody and their brother & sister were buying up parts to put together their own PC for work and/or recreation.

Feast your eyes and behold, for within my grasp I hold true graphical processing power.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?


@XRaiderV17 Well, if they said it does not work, then it probably not…

@Zeta_II Not bad. There are, however, couple other ones can have more processing power than that, but do cost more… Still, you can get one right now is pretty good. High power GPUs still harder to find, the lower power ones, such as GTX 1660 begun to be more available than before, good signs for those that need GPU.

Got my next two parts.

I wanted to pick up the RAM sticks I had in my parts list, but my local Micro Center didn’t have them.

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By the way, if you do not have power supply yet, you might want to stay away from Gigabte ones, especially the GP 850W and 750W one…

So far I’ve been staying away from both Gigabyte and MSI for parts as both brands can be hit-or-miss with their products. For my PSU, I’m either looking at EVGA or SeaSonic for a 750-850W unit. Still, thanks for the advice.

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No problem. Those couple power supplies were “explosive” according to people…

Only have been using motherboard from Gigabyte and MSI before and those were okay. BIOS-wise, MSI released them faster and Gigabyte slower, but MSI do drop supports for some products faster than Gigabyte. Asus, well, they charge more and their release for BIOS seemed to be slowest. Though many stated Asus have good quality before. Not sure if any have changed in the last couple years, have not gotten or attempt to get any new hardware for the last couple years.

On another note, or two, people have claimed that their 3080 have bad thermal pads and times, it will feel like they were melting and have residue dripping down. So you might need to watch out for that for your video card.

And finally, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X do not come with a cooler, so you definitely need a beefy cooler as people mentioned that 5800X is the hardest to cool down and generate more heat, for its specs anyway, than all the other CPUs.

Do not personally own any of them, so cannot verify any of those, but it might be better to take a little precaution than having issues afterward.

Way ahead of you in regards to the CPU cooler as I will getting a liquid cooling unit and getting some high-end thermal paste to improve heat dissipation on the CPU. Thanks for the heads-up about the 3080. Perhaps it might not hurt to have a extra fan or two in my case (the one I’m looking at already comes with two fans standard with room for expansion).

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Sounds good. Though the all-in-one liquid cooling system generally go not offer much better result than the air cooling ones because of the closed system, at least based on some of the reviews anyway, maybe that have changed these days. The custom ones do offer better cooling because you can play around with the liquid mixture and add cooler liquid of possible.

As long as the fans will be moving the hot air along, then more additions will be good. If the air flow of the case was overall bad, then adding them will not be useful and noisy at times, unless you opted for the pricier more silent fans.

So an update on my current computer: my Toshiba Satellite C655"s screen gave out. I managed to hook up a backup monitor my father had lying around with a VGA cable and it’s working. However this means I will have to accelerate my parts shopping for my new computer build.

On a side note: does anyone here know how to transfer stored programs from a laptop HDD to a desktop SSD? If not, I’ll be taking the old dinosaur into an expert to do so.

What Windows, assuming you were running Windows, was on the Toshiba?

You can definitely try Macrium Reflect or the more advanced Clonezilla. Would recommend Paragon Backup, but their newer version required a bit much dependent software.

Usually, the hard drive manufacturer, regardless whom, will offer cloning software online. Most if them offered neutered version of Acronis. Those will allow cloning, but pretty much it.

The old Toshiba is using Windows 7. That being said, I was going to use Windows 11 on my new build.