Complete noob. And I just bought 2 MG kits...... help!!

Hey guys,

I’m new to this forum of course and a big fan of gundam, so I’ve been meaning to join a place like this for awhile.

Anyway, I moved to Tokyo a couple months ago and basically impulsed-bought a couple of MG kits despite being a complete noob… the Ver-ka Sazabi and Ver-ka Nu Gundam (titanium finish). The last time I built some gundam models were maybe 10 years ago when I was 14 years old (and didn’t really know what I was doing).

So, I hate to ask a redundant question… but do those “how-to” stickied threads have enough useful info to build these models? I really don’t want to mess these up! Do you guys have any preference for a “best” how-to guide as far as building gundam models, or just any other tips in general?

Also, how do I know which paint to buy as far as detailing and stuff? Thanks again!

Honestly mate. Id say put those down for a bit get a few cheap HGs and practice removing and cleaning up the nub marks. And a big question is do you intend to paint the Sazabi? The stickies are damn fine info but you need to practice what you have learned. Im no expert and i don’t claim to be but i do know for sure you need to get a few cheap little guys to practice on before you attempt those more expensive kits. Also now that you’re a member here when you do decide you’re ready to start them start a work in progress thread and ask a lot of questions. The guys here who are experts are actually VERY helpful and supportive.

Hey I know that feeling bro, I’ve been in a similar situation. I bought an MG Ex-s as my first master grade and now I regret building it before learning basic modelling skills. I was fine with the result at the time but as my standards increased I realized my Ex-s was really bad. I had to go back and rework it and a bunch of other kits I “practiced” on including a titanium unicorn I totally wrecked lol. Practice on some simpler kits like HGs or a smaller master grade. You wouldn’t want to mess up the ver ka nu & sazabi, patience my friend :slight_smile:

I agree with these guys. The Nu and the Sazabi are rather complex MG kits. I’d suggest getting some modeling tools. Read up a bit in thread I have below. And just practice. When you feel like your skills are up to a level you’re happy with. Tackle a small MG to get your feet wet. Then tackle the Nu and Sazabi.!-I-am-new-want-to-build-gundams-and-have-zero-clue-how-to-build-them!

Awesome, this was the exact info I needed. Thank you guys!

Kinda depressing that I’ll have to wait to build these awesome models, but I know it’ll be worth it, like you guys are saying. I guess looking at the box art is still kinda cool though lmao.

Also, this gives me an excuse to buy some more models to practice with! I’ll be going to Akihabara this weekend so it looks like I’ll be buying one, along with some tools.

Thanks again fellas :slight_smile:

It’s no problem man. We are here to help.

I’m a little biased, so don’t take me too seriously…
But for just starting out, HG Gundam AGE kits are an amazing choice. Don’t cheap yourself out and get an AG, those things are poop.

The HG Gundam AGE-1 is a perfect starter kit. (A friend of mine had it as his first, he loves it)

You’re in Japan! The land of Plastic models! If you want to learn how to build good models. There’s no better place (I assume you can speak the language). Ask around the hobby stores in Akihabara and you’ll find places where they have workshop and tutorial classes. Some store even have work/airbrush station that you can lease by the hour.

Awesome man, I’ll be on the look-out for this!!

That’s dope that that have that here… but unfortunately I’m not fluent in Japanese!

I’m stationed over here (military) so I work with Americans most of the time… I’ve been studying Japanese for about a year now but not ready for full-on conversations quite yet :frowning: Which sucks even more is that I leave in September; I’m going to miss this place. Since you guys like Gundam, you should definitely make your way out here at least once… it’s crazy how much gundam/anime stuff they have. I’m talking about WAREHOUSE sized shops with nothing but gundam models. It’s like heaven lol :smiley:

I would so be all blowing paychecks on raged out r32 skylines and and tearing them up sliding if i was in japan for the military base lol,My gunpla focus would be at like zero.

That aside welcome to the forums! and these guys speak truth! Enjoy those japan prices while your there too,kits are roughly 10$ higher or more depending on kit from us sites.

I’m not going to lie. If I was living in Japan, my priority would be getting a Japanese girlfriend. The Gunpla could wait. :wink:

I’m afraid I’m with Zenki. I’d have so many 180SXs, Silvia’s, and Skylines that I’d need a warehouse for them.

I agree on the cars thing… AE86 anyone? And yakitori and sushi up the wazoo!!!

LOL, I’m glad to see you guys are into cars/imports as well. I’ve been a huge Japanese import/drift nerd for a long time as well… my favorite car has and always will be the Nissan Skyline.

Had I known I would’ve been stationed in Japan a lot earlier, I would have saved up my money to get a GTR! But instead I’ve been spending most of it on traveling around Europe (stationed in Germany prior to Japan)… eh, I guess it hasn’t been a total waste…

So yeah… of course being in the military I don’t get the greatest pay in the world, so it’d be very hard for me to save up for a nice GTR at this point. What makes it even worse is that you see EVERYONE on base driving a skyline, but mostly just crappy GTS versions. Ah well, I guess that leaves enough cash for more anime stuff and food. Speaking of which, here’s some pics I took so far I think you guys might enjoy…

Delicious noodles:

GTRs at the Tokyo Auto Salon…

And, needless to say, Gundam. A 1:1 scale, that is… this thing lights up/makes noises/moves a little during certain times which is awesome

Hey again everyone,

so I tried replying to this thread yesterday with some pics that I took in Japan for you guys, but then it said it was waiting for a moderator’s approval… guess that’s not happening now or something? (it’s been over a day?) Anyway, it was some food pictures (delicious ramen and sushi), some car pictures (GTRs) and, of course, Gundam. More specifically, the 1:1 scale Gundam in Odaiba… that thing is awesome and one of the first “attractions” I saw when I got here! It even moves and lights up/makes noises during certain special occasions.

I’m glad to see you all are car fans as well. The Nissan Skyline has been my dream car since I was a teenager, and had I known I was coming to Japan earlier, I would’ve saved enough money to get one… unfortunately all I can afford now is some good ramen and the occasional Gundam model lol! (I’ll admit, I’ve been extremely lucky thus far in the military. Prior to Japan I was stationed in Germany and blew all my paychecks on traveling. So, I guess it’s not all bad) What makes it worse though is that EVERYONE on base seems to be driving one. Just the crappy GTS versions though… hardly any GTRs… still, makes me kinda jealous when I drive past one.

Anyway, it looks like I’ll be heading downtown this weekend to pick up some modeling tools. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right/is all I need? Please tell me anything that you’d recommend…

-Sprue Cutter
-X-acto knife
-Lining/Gundam/fine-tip marker
-Rubbing alcohol
-White eraser

Thanks again

I don’t know what the alcohol is for, but everything else looks good. If you want to do some heavy painting, an airbrush would be a good investment. Gundam paint markers might be good for doing small details otherwise. Tamiya makes some excellent fine tip cotton swabs, perfect for cleaning up the lining on Gunpla; I usually get the extra small size.

Approved the post for you. Would have done so sooner had I known it was there.

But that Skyline and the GTR sure do look amazing. Is that the new Nismo version of the GTR?

And the 1:1 Gundam, I sure hope that I get the chance to see it one day.

Zeta-G is right on the Gundam Markers. And an airbrush is amazing for when you start getting into painting. Might want to pick up some sand paper as well. Makes it easy to get rid of those nubs. 400-2000 grit should do you just fine.

Saw the 1:1 at Shizuoka when Bandai had the Gundam 30th celebration before they moved it up to Odaiba but I was there again when they were putting it back together before Diver City opens. Here’s my Vid:



I agree with this. Japanese chicks are hot!

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