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as u guys can see, the metal build freedom(mg) has 2 types of blue. why? even the pg strike freedom sucks on terms of colour in some video but look good in official pics. is bandai trying to cheat us? i saw the metal build destiny & it is so sharp & sleek, just hope that the nice colour is not fake at all.

Official pictures from Bandai are normally of a fully painted kit done by a professional. So naturally they will look 10x better than a out of box build. The Metal Build series are a very prestigious line, they have superior details and articulation compared to their MG counterparts. So it doesn’t surprise me that the MB Freedom looks better.

Yeah, any pics from the Metal Build series will be accurate to what’s in the actual figure, although the colors are probably not as shiny/glossy.

For kits, the majority of advertising pics are of said kits painted, dolled up, detailed, or otherwise modified. You can view it as Bandai cheating or misleading the customer, but you can also view it as the possible potential of the kit. After all, they’re not toys or figures.

oh i see, thanks a lot. looks like its wise to get some paint for the kits i think. basically does it need any base paint? or will the paint turn pale after some times on the kit?

As long as you use model paints, (Tamiya, Testors, Model Masters, Mr. Color) you shouldn’t have a problem with discoloring over time. Product like Krylon and Rustolium might do it, since they are not made specifically for models.

oh i see, if i wanna achieve the metal build effect, which is mettalically shinny and glossy, what should i do? :confused:

Welcome to the boards! To achieve the effect you’re looking for (kinda), put a base coat of silver, then put a coat of clear red, green, or whatever color you want the color to be.

alright man, advice noted. :slight_smile:

but i heard people applying coat after painting to protect the colour. why doing so if there’s no discoloring?

To protect the paint from any scratches, scuffs, and bumps. The paint underneath can be fragile and adding a clear coat on top makes it tougher.

so the coating will be ruined when scratch or bumped n another layer needed to be apply?

Some times paint can be damaged by another piece on a kit that is moving around. For instance, if the shoulder has a piece of armor hanging from it, and you move the arm, and it rubs against that armor piece. It could scratch the paint on the arm. Adding a clear coat will prevent that from happening.

Or at least reduces the chance of worse damage. If you’re the type that likes to pose your kits often, it won’t render the paint impervious to damage, but it will help in making sure said damage isn’t extensive.

If you don’t really handle your kits often, then you’re fine with not using a clear coat. I would still suggest using it so you won’t have to worry about any damage even when just moving the kit from one area to another.

Friction damage, though, is really hard to avoid and so far, the most effective way is to mitigate it is to use lacquer paints, which dry/cure very close to the surface so they’re hard to scratch even with friction.

oh thanks.