code geass hate it, like it, love it? and why

Me personally, it is my second favorite anime behind gundam wing and ahead of big O. I like it most because of the strategy and the fact that it is a game with a lot of players workin with their own motivations I found how there plans intertwine to be fascinating and how characters have contingencies for these situations to be brilliant and amusing

It was alright.

In this show, I enjoyed the mecha designs, they looked alright, reminded me a little of NGE and Macross, but not bad.
The characters though… I didn’t like the characters…

Mechs are Awesome (Lancelots the reason i watched it at first…that design is so epic win for me lol), The story was edge of my seat thrilling for me, Character Designs were “Interesting” to say the least…overall love it and a great addition to any anime lovers collection if you ask me lol

The story was definitely gripping and had me on the edge of my seat as well. That’s why I loved it. The mechs were icing on the cake. I found lelouche and many of the characters to be interesting and likable too.