Club Members

Didn’t quite know where to put this, but anyways,
How many of you are GSAM Club members, and if so, which level do you have?

I have a gold account (though I want platinum) and it’s been pretty rewarding so far.

I’m asking just out of curiosity lol. :lol:

You already know I’m a platinum member, but for posterity…

I don’t have GSAM membership mostly because I like to compare prices at other stores. I do this based on the deal I’m getting there. Although…

Silver. Joined after a few months on the forums, as thanks for having this resource. And between the goodies and winning a $15 coupon in a contest, it’s been a worthy investment!

Platinum, and it has been the best decision in my Gunpla life since buying my first kit! And has MORE than paid for itself!! :smiley:

I put Platinum down already, 'cuz come the first day of April, I shall have it.

Been platinum since January. It’s already more than paid for itself. I PURPOSELY order over $100 in gunpla every time I buy from the site just so I can get my free shipping.

I’ll renew it next year of course. The free stuff I got with it would’ve cost WAY more than the membership itself did

So guys, I dunno who else is taking advantage of that 10% off coupon, but I should be soon.

Also, has anyone done the Gunam Scrabble game for the 25$ gift card? I just finished.

I did that Scramble thing in like 2 minutes the first night I saw it. OK, so I had to look up one of 'em on GSAM. I’m waiting for that damaged box sale…I scored some sweet Gunpla on the cheap last time!

I am stuck on the kyuiamur gundam or whatever if anybody could help it would be appreciated!

I’m just waiting for both Monday (Promotion contest from the big boys at bandai), and tuesday for the new contest! Oh man, does want the damaged boxes! Lawlz. RX-78-2 that one tripped me up soooo hardcore. Still got it though. Have fun.

Dunno if anyone saw, but the damaged box sale is up for club members.

So when you buy a GSAM membersip is that like a yearly thing or is there some other time limit that it lasts?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t paid beyond the initial payment.

Same here.

Haha true of you all!

Ideally, the club memberships will be billed yearly. However, GSAM has decided that since they are usually behind on giving the club perks ( like coupons ) they are going to let you all keep your memberships without being re-billed until they fix their system. I know I’m helping them automate parts of the system right now so hopefully we’ll have it all fixed soon.

They just figured until they hold up their end of the bargain, they’ll let everyone keep their memberships.

Hopefully we’ll have it all fixed soon and then it will become a yearly thing!

You mean hopefully from GSAM’s point of view. The rest of us are fine with our indefinite extension. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha exactly =)

…we were supposed to get coupons? This is news to me o.o

And this is why we keep getting free extensions. :wink: