Clearing Out Backlog

Hey all. I’m just clearing out some backlog. Let me know if anything fancies you. All are new unless specified.

HGUC Hazel - $15
HGUC Hazel II - $15
HGUC Advanced Hazel - $20
HGUC Dijeh Narrative Ver - $25
ALL HGUC for - $60

Bandai Star Wars Captain Phasma TLJ Ver (No Box but everything in bag) - $12
Bandai Star Wars C3PO (No Box but everything in bag) - $12
Both for $20

Built Stuffs
HGUC Phenex Narrative BUILT (regular) - $12
Bandai Star Wars - First Order Executioner BUILT - $12
Bandai Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper BUILT - $12
All BUILT for $25

I combine


Hi might be interested in the 3P0 but would be dependent on postage price to the UK.

TY Brian.

I’d be interested in…a lot of this. Where are you shipping from?

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He’s in southern California.

Brian is a great guy. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from him over the years. He always has good prices and great communication.


Ooof. I’m in Maine. Haha. Can’t ship it much farther in the U.S.!

Thanks for your endorsement @Rxslinger! :slight_smile:

Let me know whatcha like @dupes! And welcome to the Forum! Maine is do-able unless I’m not allowed to ship there (which I highly doubt btw lol).

Hey! Potentially the whole pile. Any chance I can get pics of the built stuff? And what my total would be for the lot shipped to 04605? Thanks man!

Oh dang haha yours! Um I’ll send you pics later today after I’m done with things!

I can vouch for Brian too. I’ve bought several kits from him. He’s great!

I can vouch for him as well. I’ve bought some kits from him and I’ve always been satisfied.

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Thanks @CaptainxChar and @CycoXIII!

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I will take everything you have left just PM with price I am from Texas

Add me to the list of satisfied Brian customers. Good transaction!

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