Clearcoat and details

I’ve seen people that do a clear coat then do panel lines and decals then another clear coat. I’ve seen people do panel lines and decals then clear coat. Which do you do and why?

I do clear coat, followed up by panel lines and decals, then a second clear coat to make sure everything added on top is sealed, which is finished by the flat coat. I have to go with this route because of two reasons: I typically do a full paint job on my kits (so I need the paint protected first before doing anything else) and I always uses washes for panel lines, which is best done with a clear coat.

I 2nd that method. It’s the same method that I do with my kits.

Do you clear coat individual pieces before assembly?

It depends on the pieces. Entire joints for HG kits, inner frames (if painted), and any small parts that will give the best result if connected to a bigger section, those I typically clear coat as one piece. Clear parts, armor pieces on MG kits, metallic parts that I don’t want flat coated, and any head ornaments I usually clear coat individually.

OK. Thanks. I may need to do some of the hard to get to pieces before I put the thing back together. Still got some hand painting to do first though.