Clear SD Gundam advice?

So I was able to get a Clear version of a SD Gundam from premium bandai

I’m really excited to build it, but I’ve heard clear plastic can be tricky to work with and can get messed up easily.

So I was wondering if I could get some tips for building this. Like how I should cut it to make sure the plastic does get stressed or messed up?

Only liked certain clear kits, not all of them were necessary, but Bandai do love them.

In any case, back to topic, upon searching, there was a Youtube video, that teaches you how to avoid those issue that you mentioned.

From what some people said was basically to cut the tree and not right next to the part, leaving a little nub will be okay, then use super sharp knife or specifically made nippers such as God Hand, whatever number, not an expert on God Hand nippers, and just “whittle” the little nub away till you are almost flush with the part. Then finally use some type of sanding materials in different grades to finish up the job. You can probably use the knife or nipper to cut fairly flush with the part too, but it might be possible to leave some issue.

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Here’s how my kit turned out

So what do you all think? Did I do a good job at not leaving nubs or stress marks?

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You are welcome.

The clear parts looks good and overall kit looks pretty good. There were some nub marks, or as some call them as stress marks as well, on the shield handle and the body frame of left forearm from the pictures. The body frame ones might be okay if the kit was not clear, but with the armor parts being clear, you can see that from the pictures. You can probably take care of those with some marker or paint if you want.