Clear gunpla part polishing with nail file? Let's test it out

Rumor said there is a nail file which is perfect for clear model kit polishing, and this file is SUPER LOW COST! Let’s try it out

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Not bad except they are US$7 for 2 of them here from Amazon ;-(. May check local stores and see if they’re cheaper.

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Frankly, as mentioned in video, this is confirmed not the best of the best polishing tool but because of the cost, i think worth to use. If you really wanted to have a perfect polishing result… maybe gunprimer set is a better option, of course with much higher cost.

Yea, Probably won’t pick them up if they are expensive but it looks like an interesting tool to try, maybe for other applications.

What was the grit of the glass polishers that you used?

There is no official grit size reference for this nail file, i will say around 2000-3000 from the outcome