Christmas Eve

Forward:I have long since been a believer in the power of magic, and no night holds more magic for me than that of Christmas Eve, and no, I’m not talking about the “magic” of gifts and presents. I’m talking about the magic that changes the hearts and minds of people. The happiness that comes along with loving another person. But for a while, I had lost that belief. I had only begun to see the pain in the world, and had almost lost my belief in that specific magic. However, a specific occourence had happened to me that caused me to renew my belief in such magic, and so I find myself writing this story to, in a sense share how I felt and how I now feel. The main inspiration came from two songs (and a music video) that are performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra; “Christmas Eve in Sarejevo 12/24” and “Old City Bar”. If you have not heard these songs, I highly advise looking them up and give them a listen. Always remember, no matter race, religion (or not), or culture to keep love somewhere in your heart, try to believe in a bit of magic. Merry Christmas everyone!

“Here, the tragically beautiful,
and the beautifully tragic,
drift through this night,
in a last quest for magic.

Their faces are masks,
that so artfully disguise,
the wounds in their heart,
and the scars in their eyes.

Now these scars in their eyes,
never hurt, never bleed,
but like cracks in a mirror,
they distort all they see.

For when the hearts an open wound,
it’s greatest threat I fear,
is that the salt rubbed into it,
does come from one’s own tears…”
-Trans-Siberian Orchestra

        There are many events in this world that few are lucky enough to see. These moments are in some cases indescribable, or unbelievable. But the most interesting of these moments, are the ones we cannot explain. Some say these events are magic, others acts of God, but there is no night more perfect for such an event than that of Christmas Eve, the moment our story begins.

        The little girl sat in her bed, all wrapped up in blankets on the night of Christmas Eve. She was waiting for Santa Claus to come deliver her presents under the tree, and the excitement kept her from being able to sleep. So she sat in her room with a small smile on her face, her black and white cat curled up at her feet and covered by the moonlight flooding through the window. Frost lined the edges of the glass, and outside an untouched layer of snow covered the ground. Moonlight glinted off of the small slivers of snow that covered the pine trees that surrounded her house.
        As the child looked to the sky for Santa’s sleigh, she noticed out of the corner of her eye someone walking through the forest. Now, the family had always lived in the woods, and no one travelled out that far, nor did they wander through the woods in the cold of the night. She watched as the figure walked, but no matter where he stepped, no footprints were left behind in the snow. As the figure disappeared behind the tree, the girl turned to notice the cat was watching it as well. When he was out of sight, the cat jumped off the bed and ran to the girl’s door. It began to scratch at the door, and the little girl, curious by the cat’s actions, got up to let the cat out of her room. As she did, the cat ran down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. It stared at the girl, almost motioning for her to follow it. The child’s curiosity peaked; she followed the cat down the stairs and to the back door, where the cat continued its pawing. Almost inspired by her little cat, she donned her jacket and boots which were hanging by the back door, and with the cat, wandered into the winter’s night.
        She followed the cat for what seemed like forever. Deeper into the heart of the woods the pair wandered, until the cat stopped short just before a large clearing. Standing in the center was the figure the girl saw before. He stood in silence, a long, black coat hung from his shoulders, and a hood covered his face. The girl watched as he raised his arms, and the snow began to swirl around him. She stared in awe as he made the snow dance and glisten in the pale moonlight that covered the clearing. Up and down, left to right, and in perfect time, the stranger conducted the snow to some unheard music. As he finished, the girl couldn’t help but clap for his performance. Immediately the man turned around to face the girl. At first she was frightened, but there was an aura that seemed to emit from him, something that showed comfort and trust. He removed his hood and revealed his face. He had dark brown hair, and not a single imperfection marked his face. His eyes were the only thing that could separate him in a crowd, as they were a snowy gray.

"Come child, you have nothing to fear.” He said motioning for her to come into the clearing. She hesitated at first but then moved forward, the cat following. “Tell me, young one, what brings you out here in the middle of the night? Won’t your parents be worried about you? Not to mention I hear Santa is on his way.” he asked with a small chuckle. “My parents are sleeping… but I saw you walking out here, and you left no foot prints when you walked… and my cat wanted to see you too. She said as she held up the cat to the man.” She responded. The man laughed as he scratched the cat behind the ears. “It’s always the cats. What is his name?” “Boodles cause he always gets into oodles of trouble.” She said with a smile. The man laughed again. “That’s very cute, and what would your name be?” He asked politely. “My names Emily.” She said. “Well Emily, it’s very nice to meet you, my name is Icarus.” “Nice to meet you too Mr. Icarus.” She said happily. “So Emily, shouldn’t you be getting home now?” “I can’t yet.” She said. “I want to know how you made the snow move.” “You mean like this?” He asked as he waved his hand and the snow began to twirl. “Yes like that!” She said with a look of excitement in her eye. “Well it’s very simple,” he said as he let the snow flutter back to the ground. “All one has to do is believe in magic.” “You mean I can do things like that too?” Icarus laughed, “Someday you very well may. The reason I can move snow, and walk in it without leaving tracks is because I’m what some would call an angel.” “Nuh-uh!” The girl said. “It’s true.” He said with a smile. As he did, he stepped back from the girl, and very slowly, large, black feathered wings emerged from his back. The girl stared in awe, and then asked “I thought angels had white wings?” “Many do. Although there are a few of us who have black wings. It’s our job to watch humanity, and keep it safe from anything that wishes to hurt it. The problem is though, humanity seems to hurt itself. Many have forgotten what it means to love, and bury that one reason for happiness in their hearts. The angels such as myself do not know what to do.” “But there are lots of people who know how to love. My mommy and daddy love me.” Emily protested. “That’s very true,” Icarus replied, “but far too many people fight amongst themselves over things like land, religion, and who is right and wrong. It’s a sad tragedy that we angels must witness every day. It denies the growth of love and understanding in human hearts, and humanity cannot see such love that comes from people like your parents.” “But people can love!” The girl said. “Tell me, Emily, would you like to see what angels can see?” “Yes” As she nodded her head. Icarus began to move the snow around them and compressed it together until it became ice. Once solidified, the ice portrayed an image of the world. Moving his hand, Icarus focused in on the Middle East, where a fierce battle was taking place. “You see, Emily? People hurt each other, and we angels do not know how to stop it.” He said solemnly. “But I know people can love and not hurt each other. Like over there.” Emily said, motioning to a part on the map not far from the area Icarus was showing her. Puzzled by what the girl was talking about, Icarus moved the map to where she had indicated. What he saw was soldiers helping a young boy whom had been hurt. Icarus sat and watched as the scene played out, and the look on his face lightened a bit. “See, people do care about each other.” Emily protested. “How did you know this was happening?” Icarus asked the girl. “I don’t know,” she answered simply, “I just did.” Icarus pondered for a moment. He then moved the scene to New York City, and as the image sat there he asked her “What can you see here?” Emily pointed to a bar on the outside of the city, and Icarus moved the image closer, where they saw a teenage girl standing in the cold. Suddenly, a man walked out of the bar and over to the girl, where he talked with her briefly. The girl had run away from home, and had wanted to get home, but didn’t know how. The man pulled out his phone and called a cab, and once it arrived, he gave the girl a large sum of money, and said to the cab driver “JFK”, told the girl what to do once she was there, and the cab drove away. The man walked back inside, and Icarus could sense that the man had somehow changed a little. Icarus smiled at the sight. “There’s love everywhere, Mr. Icarus, you just need to know where to look. That’s what mommy and daddy always say” Emily said with a smile. “Your mother and father sound like very good people, Emily. You have a great gift that we angels seem to have forgotten ourselves. I suppose even we have been blinded to such love and kindness.” Icarus said kindly as he returned the ice to its snowy state. “Well Emily, I must go now, and I should get you home as well. You have shown me that humans can still be capable of love, and I cannot thank you enough for that.” “You’re welcome Mr. Icarus.” She said with a yawn. “Come now, let’s get you home.” Icarus said with a smile. He picked up Emily and her cat and spread his wings, and flew off towards Emily’s home. Once there, he landed softly and put her and her cat down. “Emily, promise me something, never lose sight of the love in your heart.” Icarus said. “I promise Mr. Icarus.” The girl said sleepily. “Thank you, Emily. Now you should be getting to bed, I hear Santa should be here soon.” He said with a small laugh. Emily nodded and as walked back inside with her cat following, she turned to Icarus and asked “Will I ever meet you again Mr. Icarus?” “I can’t say for sure Emily, but here,” He said as he twirled his hand, causing a small amount of snow to come together and form a small crystal wing. He compressed more snow into a small white string and attached it to the wing. He put it in Emily’s hand and said “This is for you. It will never break, and when you feel sad or alone, remember this and you will find happiness again.” “Thank you Mr. Icarus!” she said with excitement. “Now run along Emily.” She nodded and walked back inside. After he saw her walk up the stairs, he began to move the snow in a spiral around him, and in an instant, disappeared.
Emily walked back up the stairs, and as she got back into bed, she could hear the sound of sleigh bells approaching in the distance. She smiled as she fell asleep with the crystal pendant in her hand.

This is… how should I describe it? Inspiring? Enchanting? Awesome is close, but it’s not elegent enough… Oh, I know! Fantastic!

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I was one of the First to read this and let me tell you, a tear rolled down my eye. best christmas short story ever

This is what Christmas is truly about

not much things have a serious effect on me but this actually made me wish that i could go back and re-live the days when everything was magical and fantasttic. it truly touched me thank you GNzaku003 thank you.