Okay so if you don’t know how this works, you read the post, you get to the end, and you post which option you want out of the ones provided normally ranging from A-D after about three or four votes, I’ll continue the story on from that, it’s meant to be humorus and a parody of various Gundam shows, so it’s in no one universe, people from GFAQ’s and other forums will likely know how this works, or if you’re familiar with the CYOA books. After the story plays out (may take awhile) I’ll pass the torch to another to make a new story. all Universes appear as well.

You are a young teenage male, you have brown hair and look kind of whipy and you like robotics, you’re walking down the streets in your nifty space colony when all of a sudden an explosion rocks the streets you run down the road, to find a giant green monstosity known as a mobile suit terrorizeing your neighbors, if your knowledge serves correctly, it’s known as a Zaku.

You look arround and spy a near by millitary base it’s bound to have mobile suits in it: What do you do?

A. Run in and tell the proper authorities Space Nazi’s or some other weird evil group is attacking
B. Run in and Steal the first Mobile suit you see (Wing Gundam)
C. Take the funny looking Tank MS, you’re a boss you got this (Hidolfr)
D. Throw Rocks at the Zaku

It’s like the special Goosebump books from R.L. Stine, read a couple pages then it says to continue the story either go to page 24 for such and such or page 46 for such and such.

D. Throw Rocks at the Zaku

I like This…I Like this a lot…

Im goin with:

B. Run in and Steal the first Mobile suit you see (Wing Gundam)

This sounds fun. I’m going with B. Let’s go grab that Wing Gundam!

hmm against a zaku you say?

D. Throw Rocks!

Hmmm, I see.

Tie it seems.

You choose to run into the base and high jack the Gundam that is stationed there you get into it, and it activates smoothly, you decide to see what weapons it has, somehow you know the basics of operateing this thing, it has none. You being the boss you are, run towards the Zaku and punch it you then start grabing boulders from a conviently placed near by park and start hurling them at the Zaku, you knock it down eventually, what do you do?

A. Smash the Zaku with a Boulder
B. Go Boys in Tha Hood and stomp the hell out of it.
C. Give the Pilot One Shot at Mercy


Ironically, I’ve had the thought of throwing rocks at mobile suits with a mobile suit before when you’re out of weapons.

“Man, why not throw rocks at opponents when you’re out of bullets?”

Gotta to go with B. Those bastards killed my homie Ricky.

Time to envoke pussy.


A. Smash the Zaku with a Boulder

Seems A has one, seems to be a good range of votes each time.

You make your way to a boulder it’s larger than the others but your Gundam has no problem picking it up you walk up to the Zaku which is trying to get up but you just Smash it into the Zaku, three times over, after your done you drop the boulder on the wreckage and let loose a sigh of releif. You suddenly find your self being surrounded with men from the millitary base you were more or less helping, they’re armed to the teeth, but you killed a single inexperienced grunt you might have special powers.

What do you do?

A. Attack the people who are ungrateful to your help
B. Surrender you have no Ammo
C. Jump out of the Mobile Suit and make a run for it
D. Cry, that allways works out somehow

Setting good examples are what makes a protagonist, B.

A. Attack the people who are ungrateful to your help

The best option is always the least obvious choice,

D. Cry, that always works out somehow

D, it works for Jesus Yamato.

With Two votes, crying wins.

You’re surrounded, doomed, not to mention you just killed a man, you’re only 16 that has to be detremental to you, so you begin bawling profusely, the guys that have your surrounded laugh at you and move to drag the Gundam into the Millitary base there you get taken out of the suit and put under arrest you stoped crying by the time you were in the cell, but you still where puffy cheeked and sniviling, after awhile a young officer in his mid twenties maybe comes to your cell opens it and yells “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING! THAT WAS AN EXPERIMENTAL MOBILE SUIT AND YOU COULD HAVE GOTEN KILLED, OR WORSE OUR MOBILE SUIT DESTOYED!” he slaps you silly knocking you back a good foot.

What do you do?

A. Punch him, show him the rage you showed that b**** space nazi in the Zaku
C. Kick him in the Nuts and make a break for it
D. Faint

C. Kick him in the Nuts and make a break for it

I am also going with C

Fainting sounds like free food. D.

Im goin with A…Its about time a kid did that out of anger…