Choosing red astrаy kit (need help)

I’m pretty new in this so I need some help my second ever kit was an Rg Zaku and I loved it
Now I want to buy a red astray but I have a dilemma the Hg is cheaper and from what I have seen seems like an ok kit but I think the Rg is better but it’s like 20 $ more expensive and I’m wondering if the Rg is worth it.(Hg is 44 Rg is 67$) . I’m a bit more for the Rg any opinion on the kits.

I had the Astray in Hg at one point. I can say without a doubt that it’s a vey good kit and would be very worth it, but if your the kind of gunpla fan who prefers a longer build then I would invest in the Rg.

The main question would be if you prefer the build to be longer or the model to be something you admire after the fact in your growing collection, without an interest in a very specific building experience.

While I do think the Rg would be the better option, if you arn’t worried about it being a kind of quick build then the Hg is still fantastic.

The hg is loaded with old tech, bad proportions and poor color separation. I would not hesitate to say that until Bandai releases an Astray Red Frame Revive that the RG is the best option. Totally worth the extra $

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I bought the RG for a friend of mine. And from what I saw in the box, it looks like a really fun kit to build. So I’d also say the RG version.

1/144 HG and RG both have their good and bad, such as following listed…


Good details and articulation, both rival that of MG and even PG
Since it has good articulation, great range of poseability
High complexity

Cost about 1.5 to 2 times of that of 1/144 HG
High complexity

Low cost
Easier to assemble
Good for beginner
Good for kitbash
Good for panel line scribing
Good for detailing

Lack of details on some areas
Limited articulation
Lower range of poseability

Complexity of RG exists both as pro and con, pro is for those that likes complexity and such, con is for those that do not like kits that complex in assembling.

Also, not saying that RG is not good for beginner or kitbash, but again, RG is more complex, so it might deter some beginners from taking the step to assemble. As for the kitbash part, RG’s complexity making it a little bit hard to do kitbash. Not that it is impossible to do so, but just harder than HG ones. Of course, you can always do whole lot more like kwluk717 did with the RGs, but personally, preferred doing so with MG rather than RG due to size and space for work.

Of course, all the posted were personal opinion. Others might might thing RG is that complex.

But you should definitely check out Dalong’s review on both kits. Even if you cannot read Korean or have harder time understanding what was written via translation, pictures on Dalong always were pretty good for showing off the kits.