Chest joint problem for ASW-G-29 Gundam Astaroth


I would like to ask on how to fix the loose joint on the chest area of the ASW-G-29 Gundam Astaroth? It’s loose, wiggling and moves up and down loosely. Thank you in advance!

If you plan to never take it apart or anything, super blue/plastic cement would fix this problem for ya.

You can brush Pledge future or Vallejo clear varnish on the joint to tighten it back up then reassemble the part once dry.

Before you apply any type of additives, glue, cement, putty, varnish, and whatever else, it might help if you disassemble the whole chest assembly first, reassemble them again and see if the problem persists. Sometimes, it was quite possible the part(s) was(were) assembled incorrectly causing the issue.

This happened on some of the previously acquired built kit where the parts were assembled incorrectly causing some weird problem. Took them apart and reassemble them fixed whatever issues they might have, however, sometimes, due to incorrect assembly, the damages were done and can only be fixed using additives or new parts.

So you might want to do that disassemble and reassemble first before using any additives because sometimes additives will “modify” the parts and cannot be undone. If needed to, you can also use typical clear or white glue first as those are washable and should be easier to get rid of if needed.

Edit: Can you clarify the issue that you have? Or the issue that was bothering you? Was it the blue chest piece that was moving or was the A2 parts 30 and 31, essentially the “spine” of the kit, moving bother you?

Thank you for all the suggestions. I dismantled and re-assembled my GUNPLA but it’s still the same. What my friend did was apply a little bit of EXTRA THIN CEMENT on the middle part of A2(33) and A2(34). The bar in the middle. It’s all okay now. Thank you for the replies too!

Unfortunately, that was the way the 1/144 Iron Blooded Orphan Gundam Frame behaves by design.

Have checked on few of the 1/144 Iron Blooded Orphan Gundam kits acquired earlier this year when you mentioned about the chest moving, and found out, since they used the same Gundam Frame, they all have the same issue.

The issue of the chest part of assembled A2 33 and 34 moving seemed to be due to the “fake” pistons of A2 31 not really connection to anything, they were just there for show. And the lack of proper “brackets” on A2 34, the “brackets” were “U” shaped instead of closed squares, to stop the “pistons” from moving out of the “bracket” causing the chest assembly to be wobbly.

If you look at the difference between 1/100 and 1/144 Barbatos, for example, you will see that if 1/144 A2 34 designed to be similar to 1/100 version, then you will still have part moving issue, but should not be that noticeable.



Of course, these were based on personal observations, not supported by anything else…