Cheaper top coat?

Hi All,

Wrapping up my very first Gundam model - MG Jesta! I can’t wait to show you the final result. The suit looks great and I’m working on the rifle / backpack / shield now. That said, I did a lot of reading prior to my first build and opted to use Mr. Super Clear Matte as my top coat. Amazing stuff, model looks awesome, but it is going to take me 2 cans to finish up the model end to end. This is about $30 in top coat. Perhaps I am spraying to far away and wasting a lot, but lets table that for now :slight_smile:

Anyone use other products with good results that cost less? I will be starting in on MG Geara Doga this summer and even though I can technically afford $15 dollar cans of top coat, it is a hard one to swallow and I think I’d prefer to find a cheaper top coat.


I always will recommend my very 1st topcoat to anyone.

Krylon Matte 1311

The can itself is pretty big, hell I used it on my 1st to either 4th or 5th kits. It sprays nicely (Make sure that you warm it up) and you can get it readily at Walmart for no more than $6. Seriously

You can check my results here:

I urge you to check it out.

My choice for flat topcoat is Gaianotes Flat Clear. Only ~4$ for a 15ml-bottle. One 15-ml bottle can be used to coat 2-4 MG kits (depend on how you thin it). But the drawback is u got to have an airsoft kit and laquer thinner.

The thing I found out about Mr Super Clear Matte, it turn somehow yellowish after a couple of years. Still don’t know what cause it.

I like the Japanese products. The extra money is worth the ease.

Skulblaka-ven: how did you deal with the yellowing? Is it still on the kit?

Yep, it still on the kit. I already try rubbing it with alcohol but still no change. Haven’t try rubbing it with laquer thinner, though.


I once went to ebay and purchased a 6 pack of Mr. Hobby Topcoat from a Hong Kong dealer. The dealer had to ship via seamail and it took forever to arrive but I got a can for about $10 each.

Yellowing can happen due to

  1. moisture in the air when you sprayed it
  2. a cigarette smoker in the house
  3. a cat in the house
  4. exposure to ultraviolet light - like the sun

Spray cans are expensive and the cost adds up fast. Unless you have some reason preventing you getting an airbrush/compressor setup (not able to spray indoors). Airbrushing will save you a lot of money in the long run. A $4 15ml bottle of clear coat will last 3-4 models easy. Same can be said for paint. My average paint cost for a MG is ~$10 and that includes primer, paint, one gloss clear before lining and decal and then a final coat of Semi-gloss or Flat clear.

Airbrush is definitely an option for me financially. That said, I have a wife and two young boys and pretty busy job. My model time is usually at night when the boys are sleeping. Paint time is few and far between, so the quick and easy nature of a spray can vs. an airbrush setup is what works best for me right now. It looks like Testors Dullcote available in stores like Michael’s is a slightly cheaper option that I might try with MG #2 (Geara Doga).

I looked at the photos of the poster who used Krylon, I think I can see a difference versus the result I got with the Super Clear (man it makes bare plastic look amazing). I might have to pick up a can and just do some experimentation. Great posts all :slight_smile:

I’ve actually used Testors Dullcote on some of the kits, I believe I used it on the Astray Blue Frame’s non Gloss Parts. It’s pretty good

Though out of the box builds like the MG Rouge has beautiful end results and I used Krylon on that though.(Think that it has better looking parts compared to the Astray Blue in terms of Matte)

Also - hello from Dallas, TX Sazabee :slight_smile: I grew up in Austin as a child (age 3 - 5th grade) moved to Dallas after that and been here ever since. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh howdy! I’m not a native since I grew up in Asia for 12 years, moved to Oakland,CA for 3 and been in Austin the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see, no wonder why then, cigarette smoke is the culprit.

Yea, unfortunately cigarette smoke can discolor plastic in general (even without coating). I’m a pretty big LEGO enthusiast (collect the Star Wars UCS kits).