Char's Custom Wonderswan Color

Just some cool Gundam stuff of mine…
It is the Bandai MS-06S Char’s Zaku Custom Wonderswan Color.

Behold ~

And the cool start up screen


It is probably one of my coolest Gundam stuffs that I own actually.

And for those of you unfamiliar with and/or curious about the Wonderswan

Just wanted to share with people who might appreciate it! :smiley:

This is really cool, didnt even know it existed until I saw this thread so awesome piece.

That is an interesting piece of hardware. Reminds me of these game “consoles” I used to play with often when I was a kid in the Philippines. Of course, that one is much more modern. I wonder if it would fetch a handsome price if you sell it, haha.

Ume, are you a girl ?

facepalm isn’t that obvious due to the honorific she used in her intro “ume-chan” chan being the honorific for girls and women

I don’t like where this is going…

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Back on topic: Neat gadget!

I pretty much ignored that.

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Why does it matter?:stuck_out_tongue:
I mean, yeah it’s cool but frankly I’m not going to treat her any different because all and all regardless of gender we are gundam fans and that’s all that matter’s.

Ill drink to that friend…A Gundam Fan is a Gundam fan no matter where you come from lol

Yes, those things.

However, the quick derailment of this topic has insulted the Wonderswan. The Kamisamas will not be pleased.

I didn’t mean to offend anybody (lol)
I was surprised to see there was a 2nd female Gundam Fan (Yes, you’re the 2nd girl/woman to be here)

But however, still “astonishing”

Interesting. I never would have guessed that Bandai produced a handheld gaming device. I was going to say that upper d-pad looks incredibly awkward, but then I realized you could play it vertically too which is awesome in itself.

I wish there were more Gundam inspired consoles and accessories. Or even just games for that matter.

Big yes on the Gundam games. I know there are some really good ones out there now, but they’re all in Japanese and very unlikely they will be localized for the English-speaking market.

I too am surprised Bandai tried to take on the Nintendo giant with this little guy. According to the wikipedia list, they had a pretty sizable library of games.

Theres an Amuro Ray one too

There is a handful of Char’s Custom consoles.

And have you SEEN the new Auris campaign?

I have seen that car some weeks ago. Only thing I can say is that someone was passionate about making that car look the part, haha. I’m not saying it’s bad; quite the contrary, it actually looks pretty nice.

How I’d love to have a Zeon coloured PS2. Mainly to make people jealous, but for other reasons too.
Do they sell Char PS3’s?

These are really official products by Sunrise/Game Company, right? That would be so damn cool.

I think the closest thing right now is the God of War Ascension bundle which is all red.

That Auris looks awesome. I wonder how it performs though. I doubt it’s three times faster than a normal Auris.

I assume there are lots of Char Custom skins for the PS3