Char Clones?

Ah yes, he used Epyon in his “Hitler Char” mood swing. Which wasn’t his choice, of course, Epyon was given to him.

What is that page from, btw?

I’d reckon, it’s featured in MG Epyon’s box.

Is that the Epyon ver. EW?

I assume so.

i’m surprised he hasn’t been mentioned yet but Mr Bushido (not that i favor him one way or the other just that 00 is fairly popular), i haven’t watched much of 00 (stopped watching after about 10 episodes, didn’t like it at all) but anyone who’s watched the series, how is he one way or the other?

I suppose, you’re asking whether he’s a good or evil character, right?

He’s neither. All he ever does is to aspire to defeat the Gundams. You may consider this evil but on the other hand, he doesn’t have any sinister intentions whatsoever.

Furthermore, he’s the most skilled pilot of the series. He wishes to defeat oustandingly better suits in buffed up grunt suits that lack durability.

moreso on whether or not he’s an awesome character, i knew about his blood knight personality (always a big fan of that archtype when done well)

I love Mr. Bushido. He’s such an awesome character, and such a sense of honor. I just wish he had a better death.

I liked Graham Aker as a character…I thought the whole mask thing and making him the series char clone was silly but its not that big a deal.

I am with Thwalker13 on this one though his death I felt was really down played and in that movie in general he was under utilized.

As far as worst char I’d have to say its carozzo from f91, god he was lame

wait there was a char clone in f91? I honestly did not notice

Do you count Iron Mask? or Zabine?

I don’t think Zabine is a Char Clone, Iron mask was the resident char clone for F91, who is Carrozo for those who did not know, also after rewatching V Gundam and AGE I decided to reinforce my idea on the first post of this thread with Zeheart as top terrible Char Clone, you know his red mobile suit is 3 times faster than all the others in his battalion?

I favor Chronicle Asher to be the most terrible Char Clone. I think Zeheart is more significant than Asher.