Char Clones?

I had gotten into a erm…“argument” with a gundam fan friend of mine as to who was the best char clone, so I thought id pose to my fellow Gundam Forum followers this simple question:

Who is the best Char clone, and who is the worst Char clone? (For this purpose Full Frontal counts as a Char Clone, so name him if you want!)

For me id go with

Best Char Clone: Harry Ord - Turn A Gundam
Though technically a Quattro clone, Harry Ord became the Char clone for Turn A and he was awesome from start to finish always acting as an advisor and complete loyalist to queen dianna and one of the few in the series who can see through Dianna and Kielhiems switches, he would always do what is best not only for Dianna but for Kielhiem as well and for that I rate him an A+ Char clone. Plus that gold Sumo is a clear call back to the Hyaku Shiki.

Worst Char Clone: Zeheart Gallet - Gundam AGE
Where do I begin with this guy, I suppose I should say I really did not see it coming that he was going to be our local Char clone as he didn’t get his visor? thing until a few episodes into AGE arc 2 and even then I felt like maybe its just a coincidence that it looks like Full Frontals mask but that was quickly thrown aside at the sight of his custom red unit. For the beginning part of AGE arc 2 he was OK as a char clone, if not a bit arrogant, he reminded me of Char during Zeta Gundam caring about the people he went into battle with and knowing the names of those who had died. Its really not until AGE arc 3 where things start to fall apart for him. In this arc he becoming little more than a puppet to ezlkant and questions nothing…NOTHING about his plan, even after ezlkant tells him “Hey bro, theres no place in my new world order for your soldiers” and Zeheart just goes along with it, despite just a few episodes prior telling Fran all about how important average soldiers are, and if there is anything Char is not it is a puppet to whomever the seasons bad guy is and for NO REASON either! It is never explained WHY Zeheart decides to follow ezlkant after learning his plan which is completely against everything he stands for! I had hoped that he was going to turn sides once he learned that plan because it is so completely against everything he stands for, but alas “There are a billion things that are, but a million billion things that could have been.” - The Doctor

And there stands my votes for best and worst char clones

Well, I’m not going to come up with any reasoning concentrating on who’s the best and who’s the worst.
I’m just planning to emit my opinion and it should not provoke any further discussion relating to my argument.

What I’ve watched : Everything except Gundam Age.

Best Char clone : Difficult to say. Evaluating all characters, I’d like to go with Harry Ord or Jamil. Well, Harry already having obtained some credit, I’ll support Jamil. I’d just as well go with Harry but I’m going with Jamil.

Worst Char clone : Cronicle Usher. What was his purpose?

I haven’t seen Turn A Gundam so I have no knowledge of Harry Ord. Jamil is one of my top favorites.
Compared to Zeheart, Chronicle is just… I don’t know. He’s like a grunt to be Char clone.
In my opinion, Zeheart > Chronicle.

Putting my vote in for Harry Ord as well. I’m watching Turn A now (been taking my time with it so I’ll be in the spirit when I build the MG Turn A) and he’s just all kinds of awesome. It’s refreshing to see a Char clone that is truly a good human being that uses both his heart and his mind when making decisions. He has some really funny moments as well, despite the fact that his combat skills and physique are no joke.

For the worst, I can’t really say yet, although Zeheart is starting to sound like an obvious choice. Still need watch all of AGE first to make a solid decision.

Best Char Clone: Rau Le Creuset (I love this crazy bastard so much)

Worst Char Clone: Glemy Toto FTL!!!

Speaking of a Char clone as a villain, I concur.

On the other hand, Harry Ord seems very popular to those who have seen Turn A. Might watch this series soon.

Harry Ord was just about the only thing I liked about Turn A. I just prefer villainous Char Clones, instead of heroic ones.

Harry Ord is more of an Quattro Bajenna clone to me but I guess he counts since Quattro is Char.

Char clone in Quattro Bajeena’s form should just be this awesome.

@extend, be warned about Turn A: it’s very different from any Gundam series out there. It takes a bit of getting used to.

And yes, how could I forget about Rau? If Harry Ord is the good guy Char clone of choice, Rau is the ultimate bad guy Char clone. He fits the criteria and has a bonus aspect of wanting everything dead or destroyed, no exceptions.

@Dlinker, thanks for the heads up. I am already aware about how different it is. I just don’t have first had experience of it. Sooner or later, I’m gonna try to get into this series.

In a way, I have a small idea on Turn A due to having played an english translation of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden for the Playstation One. I’m expecting that the real series will still be different from their crossover game counterparts.

All for the sake of learning Harry Ord.
I find his appearance weird though.

Glemy was a char clone? really? I didn’t notice, I mean he has blonde hair but I never really felt he reflected the Char mentality. Than again now that I think about it he did have a red-ish mobile suit in the Bawoo so maybe I just didn’t notice.

@Extend: Turn A is a great series, just don’t let the designs get to you and the first 35 episodes can be…slow, to say the least, but it is well worth the wait for everything after 35 is awesome.

Oh and the Turn X simply spectacular.

Yes, I understand that the mechanical design was not the strong point of the series. I’ll be preparing myself for the series.

Char Clones these days can have any characteristic that Char had. Master Asia, because he wanted to save the world by wiping it out, Glemy because he had a red Mobile Suit, Athrun, because his rival was the protagonist…

The best Char Clone would be Zechs Marquise, who went through 3 stages that Char had from his time in 0079, to CCA.
Zechs was a soldier in service to a cause that he opposed, for the greater good, someday, fighting the slow fight.
He then went to being Milliardo Peacecraft, trying to spread the teachings of his late father, and ignoring the alias of Zechs Marquise.
Eventually, he realized that all disputes come from the Earth, and tried to destroy it, to save space.
The only difference here, Char was a spacenoid, and Zechs was an earthling.
Also, Amuro tried to push a giant asteroid back into space, and Heero destroyed a small portion of a giant space battleship, because he’s muther thuggin’ badayze. And he’s superhuman, but that’s beside the point.

Schwarz, Harry and Rau probably aren’t the best candidates.

While they pose heroic and courageous qualities, as did the original Char Aznable did, other than wearing a mask, they didn’t follow the traits that Char did.
Scharz goals where pure, he wasn’t a member of the enemies army, or tried to destroy the Earth.
Harry did serve as a member of the enemies army, once. But he too was pure.
Rau was extremely unpure. Not only did he serve with the enemy, he didn’t quit, and his goals where not selfless, if dastardly, like the others.

Full Frontal is a carbon copy Char Clone, meant to be used as a propaganda tool.
Since Full Frontal is meant to mimic the original Char, he is not a clone, but an IMPOSTER. Okay, no, not really, but I honestly can’t say he’s a Char Clone, like the AU’s are, because he’s meant to stand in for him. Sigh.

You’ve got a good point there, shin.
However, revising every non early-UC series there is, one is to remark that Char clones only share one portrait of char’s :

Char Aznable
Quattro Bajeena
Or : Hitler Char

Rau and the frost brothers are ostensibly Hitler Char clones (How could I have forgotten about them?)

Harry ord and Jamil are of Quattro’s kind

Char Aznable’s got the early Zechs ultimately growing Quattro-like. Having inferred that outer space’s at stake, his detest causes him to become CCA char

@Shin, those are some very good points and I agree with them. Zechs does represent the closest in terms of general Char qualities in a clone.

Harry Ord and Rau are essentially the extremes of Char’s overall qualities and I think that’s what makes them more interesting to me. Kind of a look to see what would happen if Char went all the way being a good guy or bad guy.

@Shin I just made my vote on who was the best Char Clone based on my personal favorite, not on who was the most like him. I do agree that Zechs is the most like him, which makes me think what would happen if Char was ever to come back from the dead miraculously. Would he be a Zechs Clone and behave the way Zechs does in Endless Waltz and gulp Frozen Teardrop (God I hate mentioning that spinoff, but I did like how Zech’s life turned out in it).

Zechs and Char both have sisters. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe how oblivious I was to that fact where Harry (and Jamil) are more to Quattro’s side of being clones. I suppose the shades are an open clue about that. For Harry, I wouldn’t have guessed immediatly at first. Harry seems like a snake in disguise, but he’s not really. Didn’t the AEUG have doubts about Quattro eventually, toward the end of Zeta?

I think the only thing that Zechs doesn’t have in common with Char is, not having a red mobile suit, his love interest relationship with Noin, and his master-subordinate relationship with Treize. He also is not from Space.

Char and Zechs were only playing coy to get what they wanted.