Chapel's WiPs

Okay, so having started on yet another build, I decided to keep things tidied up and have all my WiPs in a single spot. Going forward, all new updates will be here. If you want to see the old WiPs though, I’ll include links in the related kits below:

[ul][li] MG 1/100 Shining Gundam - 90% complete[/li][li] MG 1/100 Qubeley Restoration - Indefinite Hold[/li][li] MG 1/100 H-Arms EW - 78% complete[/li][li] MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver.Ka - 15% Complete, ON HOLD until I learn how to cast metal[/li][li] MG 1/100 Blitz Gundam - 30% Complete[/li][li] NG Giroro Robo Re-Design - 20% Complete[/li][li] HGM 1/550 GP-03D - 65% Complete[/li][*] MG 1/100 Strike E “Chapel Custom” - 20% Complete[/ul]

So after receiving my new kits the other day, I was ecstatic at the idea of building the Crossbone Gundam. Apart from being one of my favorite UC designs, the inclusion of the cape was one of the biggest draws for me to buy the kit. So I was very disappointed to see the quality of said cape when I opened up the kit for inspection Wednesday night. There was no way this thing was going to hold up to the weathering plans I had for it, so the only option I could see to make make my rendition of the cape a reality was to actualy start from scratch.

I used the actual cape as a template, and selected some dark brown and tan suede material. In order to make sure that clasps on the suit actually still work, I reshaped the inner lining so that there’s only one layer of material to get through, and fortified the single-layered areas with thread glue.

In addition to the inner lining, I strategically positioned some sturdy floral wire along various points of the cap, allowing it be poseable.

As of now, the cape is fully assembled. Once I have the upper torso and shoulders of the kit assembled, I’ll do the weathering.

I can already tell that cape is going to look awesome on your crossbones Gundam.

It was looking pretty good, but sadly, it is not meant to be. That one has been a mess. I was trying to replicate the look from the Robot Damashii and Vs. Arcade versions and have the boosters on the outside of the cape, but I botched my cut for the opening in the back. Also, the seude was actually too stiff a material, meaning it would not sit properly. To add to the frustration, I actually managed to crack one of the shoulder clasps during the test fitting, so it’s back to the drawing board for me while I completely re-evaluate this one. :\

In the meantime, here’s something else I’ve been working on (another one?!). If you can’t tell by my Avatar, I like me some Keroro Gunsou, and more specfically, Corporal Giroro. I was fortunate enough to secure the v.1 Giroro Robo kit from online, and I must say, I was a bit disappointed. Not because of the construction of the kit mind you, but rather, the complete punking out of the Corporal! The guy is one of the most physically active characters in the show, and the best they could muster for him mech-wise was a crude nod to the Zentradi Battlepod? This, I will not stand for!

Base part of this reconstruction is pretty straight forward: I swapped the arms and legs(left is now right and vice-versa) so that the joints are postitioned more like a mobile suit, and I modified the included cannon hand to be able to articulate by flexing at the “wrist” of the mech. In an attempt to keep things symmetrical, I made a cast of my newly modified weapon so that the mech is now dual-wielding the cannon as his primaries. I plan to keep the included missile pod as part of the design, but I haven’t quite figured out how to integrate that in just yet.

Okay, pics added now.

Impressive stuff so far, especially with casting another accessory (which looks better than the original). What’s the picture of the pink blocks for? Was that the molding material you used?

Thanks! Yeah, I probably should’ve mentioned that it is a picture of the silicone mold I made before I poured the resin in.

Man, that makes me wish I knew how to cast my own pieces. Beats the pants out of having to order replacements or carefully welding broken pieces together with plastic cement. I know this may be too early, but are you going to making more additional parts for this kit?

That is very impresive good sir. Have you thought about making a tutorioal thread about making your resin molds and parts?

Where did you get that Sgt. Kerero kit? I’d assume Bandai makes them, so that’s a plus. I want one now >:|. Can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Don’t sell yourself short, Dlinker! Admittedly, this is a pricey aspect of the hobby, but it’s one that, as you have pointed out, can be a worthwhile one. I do plan to do a lot more to this kit, but at the moment, I don’t know what yet. This kit is a bit on the small side, and i’m trying to figure out ways to incorporate the parts I want without compromising the stability of the kit. If I can figure out a way, I’ll definitely be duplicating the functioning missile pod the kit came with.

The thought has crossed my mind, but for the time being I’m holding off. For some weird reason, a bunch of my recent two part molds have inexplicably ended in disaster, and I’m still trying to figure out why. I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering advice on a subject matter when said advice has the potential to turn into a costly mishap.

I manage to luck out on Ebay and find this one for $20. BanDai does make them, but this particular kit is out of production right now. They re-colored it recently into “real-type” colors, but even those have been a bit hard to track down lately. There are way nicer ones though that are actually going to be-reissued this month that are based off the Mk II mechs that combine to make the God Keron Gestalt from the anime. Those have variable modes (in Giroro’s case, a Tank mode) and will be listed for about $8 each on HLJ when they arrive.

Here I thought you went and joined the ranks of the disappeared. Good to know your project is still in progress. Sucks to hear what happened with your recent molded parts and you’re a scholar for holding back on instructions until you sort out the issue. Hopefully it’s not too bad and that the issue is something simple.

I’m far from gone, but the holiday was definitely a proverbial shot to the leg. My roommate’s girlfriend moved in last month, and the two of them have taken their love of Legos to the extreme. I couldn’t work on H-Arms at all during the holidays because the shared workspace at home was covered end-to-end in Lego kits. And then the guy I scratchbuild with shut the doors to his workshop while girlfriend was in town for the holidays, so I couldn’t get anymore casting or painting done. Relationships have been my enemy this season, it seems :smiley:

As for the 2-part molds, it’s been a frustrating issue. My friend and I recently began degassing our mixtures, which helps to keep molds and casts bubble-free, but since then all my attempts at 2-part molds result in the halves fusing together, and I keep losing all the keyholes needed to lock the mold securly in place for casts.

I can see that being a really good reason for putting off making a tutorial.

At least one of your obstacles isn’t something stupid. Unless you find Legos to be stupid, haha.

The casting issue sounds like a complete pain. Very interested in seeing how this plays out for you.

Legos are actually quite awesome. I’m not the least bit afraid to admit that their glut of Lego product prompted me to grab that kick-ass halftrack tank that they just released from their new Galaxy Squad line. If I wasn’t spending my money on this and/or dating, I’d probably be just as inundated as they are right now, lol.

Legos are amazing. I used to be a Lego freak. I had tons of the things. Just sucks they are so expensive now.

Glad to know we got some Lego fans here :slight_smile: Always loved them ever since I was old enough to build them. Soooo many sets I wanted growing up and now, each time I see a picture of them I get some serious nostalgia. Still yearning for that big monorail train set, but as thwalker13 said, they truly are pricey. I bought a Lego Technic crane set last year and still haven’t gotten around to building it.

So things are somewhat starting to move again. I was able to resume panel lining the leg details on H-Arms, and I took some downtime over at my friend’s place to work on the Dendrobium. For the most part the kit has been assembled. Now it’s just onto the somewhat daunting endeavor of panel lining the ever-loving crap out of this kit. Like my H-Arms though, I have been painting the entirety of it, so there will be a distinct difference between the Orchis and Stamen components.

As far as painting goes, most of the kit is primered, and so far one of each manipulator arm has been painted and panel lined.

Please forgive the pic quality. One of my Christmas gifts was a new phone, but I’m still trying to figure out all the nuances of the camera portion.

Was a lego fan at one time…heck after watching OO me and my bro temproary got back into the hobby and made some cool mechs with it…ahh to be young agian…well Gunpla came around and finding them more enjoyable (and sometimes more affordable) than Lego, i put my Lego past in the rearveiw mirror. doesnt mean i threw away my collection i just havent touched it in a while…

As for that Dendrobium…nice gift man…what plans do you have for it?