Chances of American Gundam SEED HD Remaster release?

I understand that Bandai America is gone and is only focusing on licensing its anime out to be dubbed by other companies…and that Gundam has a hefty price attached to it. That said, is there any chance we’ll get an american release? I like the sub a lot, but I don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices to get it that I’m seeing online. I was always a fan of SEED but it seems like with the HD remaster, sunrise took the opportunity to fix most of SEED’s problems. I’d love to own this new remastered series.

First off I’d like to know what’s the going price for the TV license. That will tell me what the chances are of it getting releases because you have to consider what the price is for each episode determine how much it’s going to cost to put it out on the market and if it’s profitable. Anime almost always banks on DVD/BD sales to fund the programing.

I’d say the chances for anything but Unicorn being finished dubed at this point is low. Sadly.

They really didn’t see much of a profit in Gundam over here (and even then most profit came from modles which were Shiped here by hobby shops any how so they didn’t have to spend much on that) so sadly I don’t see much happening unless some dubing company sees a profit in it/gives it a try. Which I’d love to happen, not really a SEED remaster but when a new series when it comes out.

That said I hope by some flaw of logic that they’ll get Origon dubed if anything…I mean there’s allready english VA’s for most if not all of the parts. But alas I don’t think it’ll happen either.

I’d say not due to the fact that Episode Six is being dubbed. I believe the Gundam market will rebound if the new Toonami can get a Gundam series on TV.

That i can agree to. if Gundam can get a Renesiance (sorry if i spelled that wrong :p) here in the US well have a Second boom like the one back in the 2000s…hopefully lol

I said unicorn being finished as in the whole shebang. (as in up to the last episode) Not that they’d stop right now.

After that, dunno I guess I just have lower faith than others. There was a boom in the 2000s when Wing and G hit and faded after SEED, but who knows.

If they can get a Gundam series on the new Toonami (which would likely be one already dubbed to ease on costs) then maybe it can bounce for awhile, which would be great, the thing is, will it hold with a majority of the audience this time? Personally I don’t think so, sadly it seems Mecha anime is a small niche here in the US Anime Community.

One of the reasons I have a little bit of hope for SEED remaster dub is because I think if it WERE aired on toonami, then it would be hit. At least re-air G Gundam.

Well in all honesty they can just take the Dub from SEED, and put it on the HD Remaster (as far as I know no dialouge changed a great deal) and see how well it dose as a test run, as it really won’t cost much to get it, if anything they’d make money on the Lisense being bought.

I say strongly yes I put my money on it most likly gundam series will be resurrected in the us by u.s by funimation they habe been a big fan and supporter of the gundam franchise as well as fellow bandai anime hayaye the combat butler lucky star and haruhei suzumeiya I never see gundam dying thats like saying anime is dead I also say after sunrise is done finishing up with destiny in hd make a hd remaster for wing 00 and the seed ovas