Celestial Being: Good Guys or Bad Guys

This is a pretty good topic. I believe cb were for the greater good. But at the end of the day there will always be conflict and war

I acctually went back and rewatched OO and in S2 I noticed they focused alot on the damage they caused to world and the effects it had in the first 8-10 episodes. Then after that the flow changed to “we got to focus on getting Veda back and defeat Ribbons”.

I realized something else, everyone in S1 represents a aspect of war, Saachez is the war lover, Graham is the loyal soldier, Setsuna is the child soldier, Saji and Luise are the civilian/innocent that are effected by the war, ect ect.

It kinda makes me sad S2 switched to a different/simple route than the first season

I noticed that as well. Perhaps that’s why S1 is favored a bit more than S2 in many cases. It was somewhat unique, whereas S2 became a bit more of the familiar Gundam storyline we’ve all become accustomed to.

I finally got around to watching the sending of S2 where Saji was giving the Epiloge and I finally see another important part his character, he is humanity. He is immature and whiney and wants to put his head in the sand when it comes to other peoples problem. He matures and begins to see the problems and for him to get what he wants he will have to fight for it. In the end he realizes you can’t live in this world with blinders on and we have to take in consideration the rest of the world.

The more I realize the more I think this show was brillant and the writers and creaters of this series deserve a ton of credit for what they did. Of course I maybe looking to much into also lol

Nah psyco your right on target, that is the precise reason I loved the series it was teaching a point without beating it in to your skull (cough except trailblazer cough) most of it is subtle and flows easily within the story while giving some very powerful moments.

Ever since the original gundam the point was to blur the line between good and evil because in the real world there is no good guys or bad guys just humans with different ambitions and goals.

I’d say they’re about as good as batman is.

Haha, that’s a pretty good comparison there Rowdain.

Just being honest, they’re hated by higher ups of all kinds but adored by the regular people of the world, so yeah they are very much so the hero’s that fight for good by breaking the rules which is exactly what batman is.

( the old man was secretly batman=everything solved)

I disagree because the people didn’t regard them whole heartly as heros, alot of the world seemed to either hate them or love them. Gotta remember they put alot of people out of work and their fighting killed innocent people.
Like many rebels/revolutionarys/terrorist they believe their extreme actions are for the greater good, but was it really? Could their have been another way, don’t forget that the A-Laws and the genocide they commited was a direct result of CBs interventions. Because of their actions they caused directly and indirectly millions upon millions of innocent deaths, while military wise maybe tens of thousands of deaths. They attempted to force their beliefs on the world without knowing the full plan (ie dialogs to come…). At least in S2 they attempt to show that they realized what their actions caused and did what they could to fix it, but even then as Saji put it, it only brought a transit peace. So they put the world into chaos for what, it sure wasn’t to save lives and help people. With Vedas, I’m sure they could have done something better at a slower pace because change can’t be sudden, but must occur over time.

I think this series could have been played from the other direction where instead of CB being the main characters, Graham Acker and the Over Flags were the main cast and their fighting the evil CB who threaten the world, you could keep all the main plot points for S1 and with just a minor change in perspective CB is evil and the 3 blocks are the sympathic heros

That fits in with what Rowdain mentioned about there being no good or evil. It’s all in how the conflict is presented, kinda like how the media can change the perspective of anything in our world.

I wanted to revive this thread since it was mainly discussed during the hack and now we can have some fresh brains to think and discuss it

It’s not justifiable to force your views upon other people, me bearing in mind each being perceives things differently from how others do.
Thus, I see no point in CB’ deeds.

If conflicts between two parties have to be fought, they are to be fought.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion

I think Aeolia Schenberg’s purpose was to unite the world against Celestial Being then bring them back later as a uniting force which would create peace again. Although the ploy is deceptive, it is positive in principle as Schenberg’s idea was to evolve human beings to a higher state of understanding. That being said it is very devisive and a seemingly self-righteous campaign full of risks and follies.

There is no true “good” side but to desire a forwarding of human kind is generally a positive thing despite the means people in our time seem to take to do so.