CaptainxChar's Finished Builds

This will be where I’ll show off my finished builds, and I will post pictures later.


Here are some of my finished builds


Had finished my F2 last month, but been busy to post pics right away. So here it is:


No picture…

Was having trouble uploading them.

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Ah, sorry, a bit rushing there…

But it does seemed to be fairly different than the now aged MG look. Notably its feet seemed to be slightly longer and wider, more suitable for its look. And the calves seemed to be a bit shorter giving it a more balanced look.

Its knee caps, however, along with its thighs looked a little big disjointed and weird. Certainly a much different look than the normal Zaku. Personally not liking it too much, but its a personal preference thing.

Well I’ve also got it in a bit of squatting position (not sure how to word it), so that might be making a difference.

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Maybe, but still find it looking weird. Maybe because they modeled it to be more like an arc or some sort, whatever the better word for it.


Because if you looked at the comparison picture that Dalong has with MG and HG kits, its knee caps were not like the more “traditional” Zaku knee caps look. Most likely it was due to how the knee caps “connect” with the thigh that makes look a little weird…


But just personal opinion that was all. Either way, cool build!