Can't Remember this Gundam, Someone Help?

It’s bothering me a lot but what Gundam was huge (as in way bigger than the other Gundams in the same series but not as efficient) and regarded as a prototype of sorts or one of the first Gundams in the series. White with almost no distinct features at all besides the fact it was huge and bulky and inefficient. And was regarded as a hazard to pilot because the force in piloting it was too stressful (but of course someone still ended up piloting it for a short time due to limited options). I can’t remember the series either but was definitely one of the older series.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you meaning the Tallgeese? Could you find a pic of it?

It does sound like he is describing the Tallgeese. Although i wouldent really call it inefficient. Its an older model that held its own against the brand new gundams.

Yeah, that definitely sounds like Tallgeese

found it.

It fits the details perfectly. Bulky, white all over, and it’s been around for centuries!

Ha! Tallgeese. You deserve a cookie for that pun.

This post is absolutely genius.

Bahahahaha I could not help but laugh at that one. Nice one man.

But yeah, it does sound like you’re describing the Tallgeese. Though it’s definitely not inefficient.

Thanks a bunch guys! Definitely the Tallgeese!

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Lmao haha. Nice.