"Canonizing" the Gyancelot - the Gyan Crusader

For me, building models is an equal part of artistic expression and attention to detail. It all depends on the kit itself, and how I’m feeling at the time. When it comes to Gundams, though, it’s a toss-up, in most cases, as to whether I’ll build it box-stock or customize it. One thing I do love to do, though, is make non-canonical MSs fit into their respective (although usually it’s the UC) universe!

As if reading my mind, many Build Fighter- series kits walk the perfect line between canon and fanciful, and there are many great designs that improve on their originals rather well. One example of that is the fanciful, knight-like “Gyancelot”. With a plumed headdress, cape and Zeon Crest-shaped spear, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just not UC-able. However, that’s just what I did – reworked the mech’s colours and backstory so it made sense within the UC timeline!

Check it out below, and let me know what you think. Have you had any other ideas of what to do with your Gyancelot, if you have one?



Really impressive. Man, makes me wanna canonize other Mobile Suits to other universes too.

Thanks man!

I find canonizing these weird “build” suits is a lot of fun. Since many are based on “real” suits, it should be possible, right?

Things like the GM Cardigan and Lightning Gundam basically look canon anyway!

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Yo I straight-up thought that too! Not to mention the Gundam Portent, Transient Gundam, Kampfer Amazing, GM III Beam Master…so many others just work so well.

You’re right. Things like the Sniper K9 especially work well, too. However, I will admit, the farther from “reality” they get, the more I like to try and real them back. I’m going to do the Jegan Blast Master as a “Double X Bit”, with the DOME head from the GMGM.

I’m also kinda toying with the idea of doing something UC with the Denial… maybe a full Psychoframe-something-or-other?

If Gundam kits are supposed to be “Freedom”, then I’m willing to twist that around to mean “freedom to fit a square peg in a round hole”. :slight_smile:

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