Can you please help?

I know nothing about these.
Picked up a bag from goodwill that had these in it.
There are probably some missing parts
Is it possible to purchase the missing parts?
Can you please help me the name or model numbers?

Judging from couple of the kits, the ones that you have seemed to be in 1/144 HG sizes.

Hard to tell from all the pieces, but it seemed like you might be able to get about 7 to 8 kits out of it. There are definitely incomplete kits such as the Gouf B-3 Custom. The shield and gatling gun is there, but no head, body, or legs. There seemed to be Build Strike parts, but no body can be seen.

You should be able to get a Wing Zero out of the parts and at least 2 other Gundam, possibly.

Anyway, from the top left, the blue Gundam should be the Amazong Exia. Next to it, the red one should be Wing Gundam Zero Honoo. Below the Wing Zero Honoo, is one of the form of Barbatos. Next to it is the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type. The leg parts are a little hard to tell, but the ones below the Gundam Ground Type should be for Crossbone Gundam and the one next to it should be for Wing Zero.

There is another with body, but had not been following the Build and Iron Blooded Orphan series, so not sure where it might be from. Though that one, you probably can complete that too.

There definitely might be missing parts, hopefully you did not pay too much as the whole. If you want to get some instructions, you can try and look through the instructions that the person had scanned.

I appreciate all the info. I am impressed with your knowledge about these. I paid $6 for everything. If I don’t find the missing parts I will probably list them all on eBay for parts. Do you think $25 for everything is reasonable?
Thanks again for all the info.

I think I see build strike in there (green?)
Parts of Gundam 00 raiser (blue)
Parts of 0 Gundam ( celestial being colors) [orange]
Crossbone (red)

It looks like all of the parts for the ground gundam is there except for the hands. I cant tell if they are in the picture somewhere of if they are in the container pack.

I appreciate all the responses.
I went and picked up 3 other models.
Which one is the most and second popular one? Thanks again

You are welcome. Unfortunately, the knowledge about them were still fairly limited because not too familiar with 00, Build, and Iron Blooded Orphan series.

$6 for them is actually pretty good. You can list them at whatever price you wish. Just make sure not to list them too high. Locally, there are few sellers that list the build kits at pretty much price of new, but do not seem to gain any traction. Because why buy used/built at price that is almost the same as new ones especially they are not professionally built or done.

You actually should yourself and your potential buyer a favor by trying to see if you can “complete” as much of the Gundams as possible. That way you can avoid possible dispute and also the more complete, the higher possibility that they can be sold. You also might be able to ask a little more if more of them are complete.

Looking at the picture again, it seemed like there might be couple heads lying around. Not sure which one they are though.

The MG ones that you picked up appeals to different people, so it is hard to say which one is more popular. The Sengoku Astray derived from the SEED series, so if someone like SEED series, the Astray and Strike Freedom might be more appealing. Heavyarms is from Wing series, so that will definitely appeal more to ones that like Wing series.

Your welcome. If you spread the parts out a little more and try to get a clearer picture we could probably help you assemble a few more kits. Honestly if your looking to get into this hobby and if I was you I’d try to reassemble as many as those kits together as possible and take what ever pieces were left and do what I’d called a “kitbash”. A kitbash is where you combine the parts of different kits to make something unique. You could also use the left over parts to practice painting if that’s something you want to try in the future. I like buying a lot of pre built kits for cheap to get extra parts, replace parts, and for practicing painting.

As for the Master Grade kits. Out of the 3 the Heavyarms is most appealing to me, but a lot of people like the Strike Freedom.

Thanks so much. I probably don’t get into it much but will keep few of them just for display purposes. Somehow I like the intricacy and level of details in them.for now I will stick with LEGO buildings…

Legislation are great too, theres so much you can do with them. One of the reasons why I prefer this hobby over legos is because the amount of detail these kits have especially the Master grade kits. The look even better when you paint them.

Yeah looking at some of the parts I can tell painting will add another dimension to them. There are probably artists who spent hours on painting these parts…incredible…