Can anyone guess all of the parts in this kit bash here?

Here’s the link, I was wanting to start a similar project, but I wasn’t sure what all went into this here.

I’m not going to copy this 100%, but I was asking so I could get a general Idea, I do love the head, and shoulders on this thing though!

I’m not entirely sure, but I think some of that armor and the bit on the helmet might be from digimon kits. At least that’s what it looks like to me.


That’s what I was thinking but which digimon kits do you think the head bit came from?

Back wings are from a Crossbone Full Cloth
Hip covers look like they came from Deathscythe

Here’s some better pics

Doesn’t have the kits listed other than Justice Knight

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, but I really wanna know where the head bit, and those shoulders came from. I’ve looked everywhere for a kit that has a head bit like that, it has to be from a Bandai kit though, it looks like he just pushed it in without even modifying it in anyway. The shield, and lance are from seltsam arms though.

I wanted to say gallantmon, but it doesn’t match with pictures I’ve seen and the shoulder pieces I wanted to say omnimon cause of the sun symbol, but again not sure. This person did such a awesome job that its so hard to tell.

A lot of plaplate work on this kit.
You can go to his facebook page “mechdiver89”