I would like to purchase P-BANDAI but I don’t know where. Please help.

Thank you!

Depending on your geographic location


There’s also other companies out there.

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If it’s a newer release, the official site that MR_JQ posted would be best. Older kits will be harder and more expensive to find.


If you going to pre order try Nippon Yasan.

Never ordered from that company before, but when searched for the company, a Youtube video popped up and people seemed to comment that the company was not as good as before. Maybe due to issue caused by corona virus?

Anyway, unless you have order with the company before, might want to proceed with caution.

But @kirbo27, where are you located anyway? Countrywise, because Bandai have different P-Bandai sites, or affiliated sites, sets up through out different countries. If you want older or harder to find P-Bandai stuffs, you might need to use purchasing and package forwarding services like Buyee, DeJapan, ZenMarket, or WhiteRabbitExpress, just to name some. Item price will be whatever you purchase them for and shipping costs will be depended on the package. Of course, you have to keep in mind of the service fee and sales tax of the items.

You can also purchase from Amazon Japan, but not everything can be found there and not everything can be shipped out of Japan.