Buying Airbush

After some research online, I figured out these are what I needed to start the airbrush.
Comment and suggestion are appreciated, as I am totally new to airbrush and let me know if anything missing from the list or anything that is not needed. Thanks!

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun / Gravity Feed
Iwata-Medea Air Hose
Master Airbrush® Brand Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth
Master Airbrush Brand - Airbrush Cleaning KIT
Iwata-Medea Cleaning Station
Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (8 oz.)

You can make do without the Airbrush Cleaner. If you want something that will clean out the AB for sure, just get some lacquer thinner from the hardware store.

Everything else on there looks spot-on. The only other extra addition is maybe an airbrush holder and shop rags.

Thanks! I guess I am ready to go:)

Make sure to buy a respirator - your nervous system will thank you. I recently got injured from paint thinner so I have been sidelined for a over a week now.

I think I will use respirator plus the spray booth.

That will work. Trust me, the $30 you spend on the respirator is worth it compared to being sick from the fumes.

Yea, back before I bought a Air Brush I did all my painting with Cans and behold the Tamiya Lacquer, I was spraying in a terribly ventilated area (the bathroom) due to it snowing in Texas. I had used a damn T-Shirt to tie around my face and it served no purpose. It was terrible.

Now I’ve learned and bought a proper respirator for the times I’m spraying with Tamiya Cans (Primer, etc). Though I’m still trying to make a Spray Booth ($5 Clear Plastic Tub from Walmart, $13 50 CFM Exhaust Fan, $1 Filter, $7 Tube to put out the window) but I’m strictly considering buying a Spray Booth off Amazon like the one you linked OP.

Though I suggest you get a Quick Disconnect for ease of clean-up, etc. I bought mine off Hobby Lobby they have an IWATA specific one for iirc $17-20? + 40% off Coupon.

I think we need to update the Airbrush sticky thread, haha. Add in a respirator, quick-disconnect and shop rags. Possibly disposable gloves too, but that may only be for anyone getting serious with it.

For painting its best to use Nitrile Gloves so to not leave any prints

Exactly what I use, especially during mounting after a good soap wash.

See about making the spray booth intrinsically safe. Paint fumes igniting from a spark would be disastrous for you and anyone in your vicinity