Building a Kit with Titanium Finish

Hi, Friends . . . this is my first post here on the forum, and I need advice in building a Gundam kit.

I’m currently working on the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW & Drei Zwerg ( Titanium Finish). Since it has a special coating, the white parts seem to be actually gray-ish underneath the white, titanium coating. Obviously, the nub marks are visible, dark gray dots along the seam lines and parts edges.

Is there a way to cover these nub marks?

Also, it comes with water slide decals. My friends use Mr. Mark Setter to make the decals stick more and last longer: Is it safe to use Mark Setter on titanium finish? Or would water alone enough for the decals to last long on the titanium finish?

And, lastly, how do we panel line the titanium finish parts? I usually use the regular gundam marker to line regular RG kits, but not sure if the ink would be good on the glossy surface.

Please advise, friends, and thank you in advance.