Building a builder 3 of 3

So I’m stuck home for a week while I wait for the results of a covid test. I decided now is a good time as any to start working on this project especially since I just got the kits in the other day. So far I’ve completed the initial building and all modifications. I got to admit I’ve gotten better at this since the last time. That being said I still have a long way to go. But with any luck I’ll have it done pretty quickly and then on to the next project.


Tonight I got all my painting done. I will let it dry overnight and then tomorrow I will apply my top coater.

So I don’t normally do an update midweek but I completed the project tonight and took my photos. I got to admit as a whole the trio looks pretty good. there were a few things in the final build that I wish would have went better but I’m still very happy with the results.


Great stuff here! Now Haro is all decked out & ready for work. :rofl:

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