Building a builder 1 of 3 (completed)

So I started this project the other day. Well technically I started it a few months ago with an alto. But due to some damages he won’t work anymore so I’m now upgrading and I’m planning on building myself over time an entire team of haro assistants. This is just the first one I will still need to get two more kits (not the same as this one) to finish this project up.

Just after the first build. The hands are a old set of Build Hands Edge (L) they will need some clean up before I move to painting.


Well the paint is applied and I’m top coating and detailing tonight. I’ll re-topcoat after that and hopefully get the shine right.

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Well I have two coats on it now I got to admit I like how it looks. Still needs a bit of panel lining and decals but shouldn’t be too much longer.

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Well decals are up next I will be paneling him. This will be my first time doing it over a Topcoat…wish me luck.

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Are the decals stickers?

Yep, from other sets where I didn’t use them … I think 30mm sets

If you spray multiple coats of gloss clear over them and lightly wet sand them when the clear coat is dry you can blend them in making them less noticeable.

Yeah I added a couple coats after I took this photo. I noticed the shadows in the photo and it bothered me a bit. Plus the finish didn’t blend.

Finally finished, I’m really happy with how this one turned out. I never really had a project that involved as much of a repaint so even with this little flaws I think success.

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Turned out very nice! Great Job!

Thank you