Build Fighters

There’s going to be special versions of the Build Strike and the Rouge as well.

Some of the Zaku Amazing’s parts are compatible with other HG Zakus. The Build Strike’s Striker pack will also be compatible with other Strike kits.

Build Strike gundam, october release, about 1450 yen.

Separate pack for the build strike, october release, about 520 yen

Upcoming stuff.

Build Fighters Preview:

Definitely looks interesting. Not sure how the anime will go, but glad to see that new HG kits are on the way. Anyone capable of decoding that list of future HG releases?

Thats not a future list, Those are all of the Lead Gundams that have been made already as HG’s.

Oh, I thought it was a list of Future releases they were going to remake. Sorry.

Quoting myself :

Tfw when Gundam Breaker, Gundam BF and HG DX announced

CONSPIRACY! Get yo’ supplies, hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife cos Bandai be goin’ around.

Well, I’m also not sure how the anime will do but at least we’re going to see new gunpla being issued.

This is an interesting one to say. cant wait to see what this thing can do come October 7th.

New season of valvrave, new Gundam, new pokemon. October is going to be awesome! :smiley:

That MG is disgraceful, in my opinion. Why make THAT than a MG Reborns, Knight, or something more original?

It’s, interesting to say the least.

Paladin, you play Pokemon?

The comments for that posting say it’s just someone’s kit and not an official MG being made. Let’s hope they’re right.

^ Oh, few.

Didn’t really interest me at first but the zaku amazing is growing on me. Also the video is private and you can’t watch it (at least for me)

GG infinite has a pre order for the green wing gundam:

And the thing it rides:

The gun looks awesome. Not so fond of the lance thing though.

Just saw Ep 1 of Build Fighers…O_O


I am so sorry for doing that mods, but seriously! IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! Down to he part where Reji took on that Gyan and sliced it! It was such an epic battle dude! To the people who are Doing Gundam Build Fighers: Keep the formula up! MUST! HAVE! MORE!

I watched the episode tonight, and i honestly really dig it. I like the frequency of the battles, and it’s fun identifying all of the MS’ that Bandai advertises. If only I could build Gunpla like Sei…

I really enjoyed the first episode as well. Not too often do we get a Gundam series that doesn’t have a serious tone so this one is a big breath of fresh air.

Since the series is about the hobby, I hope they cover the building process itself in an episode down the line.

I second Dlinkers thoughts on the building process. man I hope they show the “Tune ups” between battles. lol

I watched it last night myself. And I’m hooked. I want to see more. I loved all the cameos from the other Gundams that was shown. And that Sei’s dad won 2nd with the RX-78 was a nice touch. Makes me wonder who won 1st though, and what Gundam they used.

But anyways, I’m ready for the next episode.

Comes Monday right?

I assume so. Gundaminfo will most likely post it up on their YouTube account.