Build Fighters send-off

There’s an open call out to all Gunpla builders from a fellow fan via Twitter. They’re looking to assemble a “Thank You” collage, and ask that if you can, send pics of any/all of your Gunpla in the Build Strike “VICTORY” pose (or any other type of victory pose if you’ve got a lot of kits in a shot and want some variety) to the link below:

Thank You, Build Fighters!

And a quick FAQ if you decide to participate:
[ul][li]Is this for Build Fighter kits only? No, this is not limited to just Build Fighter kits, since some people may have only just jumped into Gunpla thanks to BF, and some people are still waiting to get BF kits of their own. The show was about the love of all Gunpla, why stop that train of thought now?
[/li][li]Do the kits have to be 100% completed? Given the short notice, we obviously cannot expect everyone to have a kit finished to present. If you have one that isn’t finished, have fun with it as some of the other submissions already have :slight_smile: [/ul]
Pictures have to uploaded to the shared folder by 2:00 AM PST.

Did you get to upload anything? I can not. it seems

My apologies, I goofed on the submission details. Either post your pic on Twitter to @gunplaparty, or if you’re feeling bold, there’s apparently a thread for it over at /m/ on 4chan where you can post there.

ah explains that then

Sweet, I’ll make something right away!