Budget Spray Booth

Ok my days of airbrushing out doors have to come to an end. There is way to much pollen in the air and I cant work as often as id like due to weather conditions and horrible humidity where I live. Im going to try to set up a workstation in the attic if the parents in the house will allow me. Me and my gf’s house isnt going to be available for quit a while it seems.

What do I need to set up an indoor paint area? There is a window up stairs so im trying to figure out if I need to set up in front of the window. I dont know much about spray booths so if anyone can give me some insight id be very appreciative. Ive seen people make spray booths with an exaust fan attached to a big hose and the hose hanging out of the window but i dont want to get paint on the side of my gf’s parents house.

Help me out guys. Im going to need some kind of spray station and im on a budget. Im thinking about just opening the window, putting a sheet on the back wall to catch the over spray, and wearing a nice respirator.

Card board box and a shop vac.

Thats one idea!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll, that depends on what you mean by ‘budget’, because I just got this really great collapsible spray booth with fan and hose for like $90.

Yep thats what i plan to do take a big box cut out a hole in the back. Stick the shop vac hose in their then take another section of hose an open the window a bit. Set the hose in the window sill and take a towel or something and lay it beside the hose in the sill to takes up the space then close the window on top of the hose and towel. Then just flip on the vac and paint.

U know its hard out here for a pimp… Uhh i mean gunpla builder.

This looks like a good option as well. 90 is doable for me. The main thing im worried bout is the hose on the back that would be hanging out of the window. I dont think the parents would be too happy if I got paint on the house. Does it pull enough particles to where paint is coming out the back?

It actually has a filter, but I’m pretty sure you’re never going to spray so much at once that it doesn’t dry before being able to leak out a hose.

those have a filter in them,that should deal with paint particles

I actually made or rather in the process of making one.


[ul][li]Plastic Sterilite Box[]50 CFM Exhaust Fan[]Duct Tape[]Metal Tubing[]Filter[/ul][/li]
When I get the time I’ll document it. The fan is perfect not enough to suck the paint straight but good enough to clear any fumes.

Another thing or rather the best part of this is I made this for about $30 and it works great!

The main function for a spray booth is to remove the fumes (which could spread throughout the house and can be harmful if you use lacquer paint). But the filter should trap 90%+ of the paint particles and whatever is left won’t be “wet” by the time it come out of the hose at the end. The good thing with this setup is that it takes up very little space when you’re not using it. I was able to set this up in the same work surface that I do most of my building on (cutting, sanding, washing, hand painting and assembly). It only takes a couple minutes to open it up when I’m ready to spray and then a couple more minutes to fold it all back up when I’m done. Do get an extra set of filters (you can wash off the dried paint particles in the tub) so you just need one extra set to use while the other set is drying.

Very compact indeed. I use mine on my kitchen table.

Thanks guys. That booth looks perfect for my needs and is most likely what i will go with. I appreciate the input. Now i just have to find out if they are going to let me spray indoors or upstairs in the attic.

You should still have a respirator like the 3M


The spray booth won’t be able to suck out all the fumes in a heavy spraying session right away so it would be better to do it in a small room and with the door closed. Then leave the booth running for about 10 minutes after heavy spraying. That should keep the fume from getting to the rest of the house.

Well it looks like spraying indoors is not going to happen. I am however being alowed to spray on the porch which is inclosed. I will be converting a small table into a spray booth bynailing plywood around it. I’ll attach an exaust fan to the back of the wood and im thinking of making a filter out of ac filters. Ill post some picks of the construction.

Yeah wiz i do need a respirator. Even spraying outdoors. After an intense spray session with lacquers i usualy feel pretty light headed.

Well at least the weather is turning nicer. Although painting inside would be better. Have you ever had a mosquito stick to your part? Ive only ever painted two kits my Zaku F2 and my Gelgoog and on my zaku i had a damn mosquito just decide it was gonna chill out on my Zakus leg.

heres the start to my budget spray booth. Its big so thats a plus. Eventually once I move this thing indoors I will add an exhaust fan and filter but for now while im outside on the porch it works and keeps my over spray from getting on everything.

@zaku ive been lucky enough not to have any bug problems but now that im on porch thats not possible with the screen. My biggest enemy right now is pollen.

Built mine out of that corrugated plastic you can get from Home Depot, the 2’x4’ sheets, some Zip ties, a cheap sheet of AC filter (about the size of letter size paper), a box fan, and some Batman Duct tape for sealing the edges…Not the best looking solution, but it works, I think it set me back about $40 in all.

Here is my DIY spray booth for $73.81.

Cut a hole into the bottom of the tote and seal in the fan.
Cover the fan with the filter and run the hose outdoors.
Hook up the extension cord to a power strip for an on/off switch.

  1. Plastic tote - $10.98
  2. Bathroom fan - $18.98
  3. Duct tape - $3.28
  4. Extension Cord - $3.17
  5. Dryer hose - $10.38
  6. Adjustable Clamp - $1.68 [x2= $3.36]
  7. Air filter - $14.98
  8. Adhesive Masking Film - $8.68

That’s pretty what my dyi spray booth looked like the only difference was I add some led light strips to mine from Amazon.

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