Brötzmann's WIP

After seeing all the other WIP, I decided to start my own to track progress. I welcome any constructive criticism. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of this kit from the beginning but here’s where I am now. I started this kit last Saturday. It’s The SD Tohou (Karaoke) Gundam Kit #228. For a SD kit it has quite a bit of detail so the painting is taking a while. It’s not quite as simple as some of the other SD kits as far as painting/panel lining detail.

That’s cool comrade! I also dig the BB Warriors line. They wield some badass armor and weapons. I plan to collect some in the future. You’re off to a good start with your project there. I look forward to its completion.

I added a bit more gold detail last night.

I got more finished this weekend on the Tohou SD kit. I just have a bit more detail and touch up to do and I’ll be finished.

I also started a 2 person Beargguy build with my sister last weekend. I’ve been working on it all week. I sprayed the darker parts with some texture paint before the metallic bronze to give it a furry look. I need to do the detail work now. I used all metallic paints. I’ll try and get better pics next post.

Wow, that bronze is looking rather…really bronze, haha. As if the parts are casted in bronze, you know? The SD kit is one colorful collection of plastic.

I’m pretty much done with my Tohou (Karaoke) SD. I maybe have a few touch ups and the flag to complete. These little guys have waaay more to paint than some higher grade kits. I’m pretty happy how this guy has turned out. I think all the stickers would make him look like a cheap toy.

Here’s Beargguy before I put him completely together.

Here’s Beargguy assembled. I have a bit more to do to be finished. I’m pretty happy with how he’s turning out.

I started this little SD Satan Gundam Yesterday. He should be a lot faster to paint than my previous SD.

Great job on your builds. The Bearguy looks snazzy with that heavy bronze paint. From a distance, it looks like it weighs a good several pounds, haha. The SD kits have some crazy colors going on there; major props to you in painting it all (and at a small scale too!)

I’m gonna try and keep an up to date WIP here for this project. I just started putting together the new Bandai 1/72 scale Macross VF-1S Valkyrie kit. I worked for a few hours and have probably a little less than half the kit together. I going to get it together and then figure out what I want to paint and how the transformation will effect the paint. This is the first Macross it I’ve ever built and so far it’s been fun to put together. I have the strike parts that I will also be building. The little Hikaru Ichijo figure is in 4 parts parts I glued together. I’m kinda figuring out what I’m going to do as I’m assembling here.

What a coincidence, I’m working on the same kit too :slight_smile:

I’m way farther behind though (still at the de-nubbing phase). Do you think you’ll the paint the thing as is or take it apart still?

Is this macross week or something? we are all working on a Macross kit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How’s the build so far? I’ve wanted to get my hands on this sweet looking VF-1S Valkyrie (would have preferred a J-model though).

I was going to say the same thing. lol

Progress looks really good so far. 1st Time I’ve really ever seen one of those kits before so I’m rather interested to watch all 3 of your alls builds.

Macross build off all set! Ready?! GO!

@ Dlinker
I’m definitely going to disassemble the parts that I’m going to paint. I’m not sure if I’m going to paint any of the white parts but I am going to do some of the details like the landing gear and tires. I’ll also probably do the gray parts with a metallic color. Chrome thrusters and some stainless steel here and there.

@ Zeta
So far the build has gone well. This is the first 1/72 scale Macross kit I’ve done and it’s actually smaller than I thought it would be. I’m OK with the size though, I’m glad it’s not much larger. There are a lot of metal pins which I like because it means those moving parts will be strong and stay attached. So far my only concern is with some of the opening flaps like those that open for the landing gear. They are just small pegs that fit in little cut outs for a hinge. I don’t like those because it seems like they get worn out and the parts fall off easily with wear. The RX-78-2.0 MG core fighter has some parts like that and I don’t like them because they fall off when you open them. There are lots of nice water slide decals that come with this kit. It also has stickers but the water slides are very nice.

Ha, it might be more like Macross month by the time I get this completely finished!

I have the Roy Fokker kit on pre-order as well. I’m sure it’ll be the same or very similar at least to this kit.

The many flaps are probably the weak point of the kit, followed up by how exact some of the parts are. Shave/sand off too much of a nub area on certain parts and they won’t look aligned.

The inclusion of both stickers and waterslides was very considerate of Bandai. Funny how even with the earlier Macross Frontier kits, they already had them, but only recently started including waterslides on Gundam kits.

Looking forward to your work on this.

Yea. I hate parts that loosen up after a while. It seems that Bandai usually mold their kits with painting in mind. A good example is the recent MG Nu Ver ka. A lot of the build video mention loose fin funnels and sliding bazooka but if you watch Vegeta’s fully painted build. He said those problem went away after painting.

Life is strange that way. When I was young and have a lot of time and don’t need much sleep. I can’t afford all the equipments and supplies needed to build good looking kits. Now that I can afford the equipments and supplies. I don’t have enough time to spend on the kits ;-(

I just got HLJ to ship out my VF-1 now that the RG GP-01s are in. I also pre-order the other one but will probably ship that with the RX-78-2 3.0

I requested some stuff from my HLJ warehouse last Monday and they just sent it out today. I guess they must be busy, it’s the slowest they’ve ever shipped for me.
Anyhow, tonight I put together the head and arm/manipulator parts together. The manipulator/hands are a bit frustrating. I had a hard time keeping the fingers together while getting the top part that keeps them in place snapped in. I had them pop out of my micro pliers and tweezers a few times. I was on the floor looking for fingers several times. I finally got them together along with the head. I’ll do some more tomorrow.